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By August 6, 2018 Uncategorized

Encore Manual Vacuum Erectile Dysfunction Device

Are you a diabetic and have been observing a steady decline in your sexual functioning? With a high percentage of diabetic men suffering from such sustained sexual motivation, Encore has come up with a Manual Vacuum Erectile Dysfunction Device that has proven to restore sexual functions in 90% of impotent men. For an easy access, the package includes a pump, 4 rings, a sample lubricant and an instruction manual.

Product Code: ENCOTC

  • Helps restore sexual function in 90% of impotent men
  • Includes manual pump and penile tube, 4 different sized rings, sample lubricant, and instruction booklet & 800-HELP line service
  • Patented ring ejector
  • One year warranty on pump and tube
  • No prescription needed

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