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Diabetes Activism

By July 19, 2018 Uncategorized

Diabetes Activism

Type 1 Diabetes – Diabetes Activism

Whether you are interested in participating in a fun run or walk, or
prefer to give back to your community through alternative charity
events, consider participating in a Diabetes activism event this
spring. With opportunities located around the country, there is no
doubt that you can find just the event that you’re looking for.

Here are some ideas for popular ways that you may wish to help with Diabetes research and care:


There are many Diabetes research foundations that are funded in a large
part through charitable donations. The American Diabetes Association
accepts monetary donations year round and uses donations for Diabetes
research, education, and advocacy.

Anyone can donate money in any amount via traditional channels, such
as a check or credit card payment, or through a creative channel, such
as a wedding or party favor. Plus, you can make a gift in honor or in
memory of a loved one. Keep in mind that your donation is also
Organize Runs

run in the rainFun Runs, Rides and Walks

Among the many fun runs, rides and walks that are available throughout
the country are a few notable annual events, such as Tour de Cure. Tour
de Cure is a cycling event that is held in 40 states throughout the
country and drew more than 30,000 cyclists in 2007.

Thousands of participants in more than 200 cities across the country
participate in Step Out each year. Step Out is sponsored by the
American Diabetes Association and requires that walkers raise
sponsorship pledges for their participation in the event.

For more information on walks, rides and runs around the country,
check out the American Diabetes Association Web site or a local
Diabetes support group.

Charity Balls

Charity balls are a popular way to raise money to help fight Diabetes
through research and awareness. Most charity balls feature high-ticket
meals, mingling and may often include celebrity entertainment.

Charity balls are usually organized on a local level. Therefore, in
order to find a charity ball in your area, contact your local American
Diabetes Association chapter or support group.


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