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Fast Foods Mythbusters

By July 19, 2018 Uncategorized

Fast Foods Mythbusters

1. Chicken nuggets = Protein

Chicken NuggetsChicken nuggets are a poor choice
if you are looking to add protein to your diet. In fact, not only are
chicken nuggets often fried and loaded with grease, but they also
contain high amounts of corn starch when they are made at most fast food establishments.

Therefore, by eating chicken nuggets, you are overloading your system with saturated fat and you are taking in a product that your body cannot process (the body does not process corn starch, so it turns to fat.)

Instead of chicken nuggets, ask for a grilled chicken sandwich. Make
sure to specify that you want grilled chicken rather than fried
chicken. Remove the bread and other condiments from the sandwich and
enjoy the chicken on its own.

Keep in mind that most fast food condiments, such as ketchup, are loaded with refined sugar, so they should be avoided.

2. Smoothies are always a healthy option

Not all smoothies are healthy. When it comes to creating a smoothie,
there are a variety of recipes that restaurants follow. Some
restaurants use sugar-rich powders and juices for flavor, whereas
others use natural fruits and vegetables to make their smoothies
vitamin-rich. Make sure that the ingredients are all natural when you
order a smoothie…and that the recipe doesn’t include sugar; fruit is
sweet enough.

Some restaurants give you the option of adding protein powder to
your smoothie, which may help to satiate you for longer. Keep in mind
that the protein powder that they use is generally dairy-based, which
should be avoided by folks who are lactose intolerant. However, protein
in general can help you feel fuller longer than fruit alone.

3. Salads are a sure-fire healthy meal.

Good SaladBeware of the dressing and extras.
Salads are generally a safe alternative to many other fast food
options, such as burgers and fries. However, it is important that you
are aware of what comes with the salad. For example, a simple pack of
salad dressing can add up to 400 calories and countless grams of fat to
what would otherwise be a healthy meal.

Also, be careful about eating the “extras” that may come with your
salad, such as croutons. Croutons are basically thickly-buttered pieces
of bread that are baked until they harden. What might seem like a
little bite of something crunchy can add up to be several pieces of
buttered bread in no time.


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