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Pre-Diabetes Diet – TypeFree Diabetes

By July 19, 2018 Uncategorized

Pre-Diabetes Diet

The Diabetes Food Pyramid

>>Healthy Eating Guide-lines

The Diabetes food pyramid is a tool to help you create a nutritious Diabetes diet plan to help control your blood sugar levels and reduce your body fat.

Borderline Diabetes

>>Pre-Diabetes Symptoms

>> Diabetes Tests

>> Pre-Diabetes Diet

Has your doctor or someone you know told you that you have “borderline diabetes”?

There is no such thing as borderline diabetes. According to the American Diabetes Association, the definition of diabetes is “a former term for Type 2 diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance”.

Core Principles of Diet and Nutrition

>> Why is Nutrition Important?

The core principles of proper Diabetes nutrition are centered on reducing blood sugar levels and increasing healthy vitamins and minerals in the diet. Diabetics, especially, should adhere to the principles of the Diabetes food pyramid in order to ensure that they have balanced Diabetes nutrition to keep their bodies healthy.

The Glycemic Index List of Foods And Diabetes

The Glycemic Index is a measure of how fast it takes a particular food to raise a Diabetics blood surgar level for up to two hours after you eat. As you probably know, not all foods have the same amount of sugar and not all sugars act the same way after they are consumed.


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