100pcs Value Pack Portion Control Bundle, Disposable Green Tableware


Here is the best deal of all! Everything you need for a fantastic party:

  • 25 ECO 10″ portion control plates with Nutrition Wheel enclosed
  • 25 ECO 6″ saucers
  • 25 ECO 18oz portion control bowls – with 1/2 cup measurements visually shown imprinted and as ridges for super easy meal management.
  • 25 ECO 10oz portion control cups – with 4oz lines shown for easy visual learning and management.
If we could, we would also supply the food and the prep and the cleanup. However, we know that these tasks are in your very capable hands. We are here to help make healthy eating and fun food enjoyment easy for you and your guests.
If you care about living a green lifestyle, then this is the right choice for you. Made of compostable bamboo – naturally renewable.