50 pg Double-Sided Meal & Menu Planning Placemat Tablet – English


The Precise Portions¨ Placemat Tablet – 50 is designed for health educators looking for the perfect material to train your students & patients how to eat healthy. …

Portion Control Guide & Menu Planning Placemat Tablet for Health Educators 50 Daily Worksheets

Product code: PPPLCMT-50

Smartly designed, handy placemats that put nutritional education, food tips, and diet guidelines where your patients and students need them most — on the dinner table!

Product Benefits

  • Quality teaching tool for health educators
  • Customizable for individual dietary requirements
  • Provides a record of meals and nutritional info give valuable insight for doctors or nutritionists

Key Advantages

  • Designed by registered dietitians using current nutritional guidelines
  • A smart way to keep track of nutritional success day by day
  • Made of durable paper


The Precise Portions Placemat Tablet is designed for health educators looking for the perfect tools to teach students and patients how to eat healthy for life. When combined with Precise Portions portion control dinnerware, the suggestions on these can help your patients better understand healthy eating and portion control, improve their eating habits, and track their progress.

More Benefits

Portion control is just as important as eating healthy fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. This combined healthy eating lifestyle is critical for weight management, controlling blood sugar levels, preventing or managing pre-diabetes, and keeping blood pressure levels in the normal range.

Technical Details

The Precise Portions Placemat Tablet includes:

  • 50 pages
  • Current nutritional guidelines printed on one side
  • Calorie-focused menu planning suggestions on the other side

How to Use?

Using the current nutritional guidelines and tips printed on the front of the Precise Portions Placemat Tablet, simply pick and choose foods for every meal. Track your calories and nutrients, use the guide for determining appropriate portion sizes, and be confident that youÕre eating right!

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Why Precise Portions?

The Precise Portions system was developed by Registered Dietitians/Certified Diabetes Educators using the best science and the most current nutritional guidelines from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the American Diabetes Association, and the USDA MyPlate initiative. Each piece is designed with one goal in mind: To help your patients eat the right amount of food in the right proportion.