9″ FOCUS Portion Control Plate, Microwaveable Porcelain-GOLD RIM


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If you’ve got serious weight loss goals or any food related challenges to address e.g. diabetes, this is the portion control plate for you! This elegantly dietitian-designed porcelain 9″ portion control plate follows all of the best practices for eating well. By eating well, we mean the right foods, in the right amounts and in the right proportion. And no, we don’t mean it’s got to taste bad either. We really do mean you get to eat well.

The plate is called our FOCUS Portion Control Plate. ÒFOCUSÓ because it has dietary guidelines printed on to the plate itself. This helps to reinforce your discipline to help you achieve your dietary objectives and goals. The printed advice is precise and based on guidelines prescribed by American Dietetic Association & American Diabetes Association and has long been accepted by professionals in the nutrition field. In addition to the printed dietary advice, the plate is visually attractive due to the alluring style of the design. Presenting you with Portion Control you can be proud of!

With it comes an equally well-designed double-sided placemat that details menu/meal planning and portion sizes for weight loss or daily weight management. One side visually shows how your meal should be laid out and works as a portion size guide. The other side is a daily menu and meal planning worksheet, making it personal just for you. The placemat is disposable, but made with very high quality paper to ensure ease of writing on for your worksheet. Use it daily for best results. You can save it for your nutritionist or physician to review and give you added suggestion on how to further achieve your goals. Or you can just discard after use. Order a replacement pack for your continued use.

Additionally, you will get our 16-page Quick Start Healthy Eating Guide. This portion control guide gives you quick tips on vegetable servings, meat portions, suggested snacks and more, including the bonus section of ÒfreeÓ foods to eat and drink!

Altogether, this kit creates your Quick Start Portion Control System. For the complete Portion Control Dinnerware System, you will need to add the Precise Portions portion control bowl, and the designed portion control drinking glass.

Our dishes are 100% Microwave and Dishwasher safe. Lead and Cadmium Free.