Adult Portion Plate, 9½” in diameter

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The Adult Portion Plate helps everyone figure out portion sizes and helps to create a skill of how to eat healthy for life! Studies show that diet portion control and visual cues can affect food intake and be an effective strategy for weight maintenance. The visual cues help you remember the components of a good meal: 1/2 of your plate should be fruit and vegetables, 1/4 of your plate a whole grain portion and the remaining 1/4 a lean protein meat portion. This Adult Portion Plate is a fun and simple way to build healthy eating habits that will last a life-time! 100percent melamine, 9 1/2in diameter and dishwasher safe.

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Make healthy dieting easier and enjoyable with portion plates

Maintain a healthy diabetic diet without the hassle and complexity of tracking calories by simply learning to eat healthy food portions.

Studies have proven that portion control is key to an effective dieting for healthy weight management especially among diabetics. The portion control plates for adults are designed to help adult diabetics keep a healthy diet plan easily.

Each adult portion plate has visual cues for an easy food portion guide with the following recommended healthy food portion sizes:

  • ½ of your plate should be fruit and vegetables
  • ¼ of your plate a whole grain portion
  • ¼ of your plate for lean protein meat portion

So, take on the portion control eating habit with portion control plates for adults —your easy guide to healthy dieting.