Compostable 9″ 3-Section Starter Plates (Set-25)-WITH 9″ SYSTEM DISCS

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Throwing an outdoor party or thinking of a
picnic? Instead of ordinary paper / plastic or thermoformed starter
plates, use the 100% compostable, fully microwavable, 3-Section
Nutrition Control Starter Plates.

Our portion control Starter
Plates not only prevent people from binging on food, it ensures they eat
the right type and the right quantity of food. As an excellent visual
guide and tool, our fully bio-degradable portion control starter plates
enforce the feeling that the plate is absolutely full with delicious
food. The foodies at your party will thank you for preventing them from
over indulging themselves.

As your guests dig into their food,
the ‘Eat & Learn’ System discs that accompany our fully
microwavable, 3-Section Portion Control Starter Plates will help keep
their minds occupied by explaining the concept and nitty-gritty of
portion control. The uninitiated will definitely applaud your commitment
to a healthy lifestyle.

we have stretched convenience to the
ultimate by making our biodegradable portion control starter plates
microwave safe! You can now heat food on the plate itself – no separate
vessels required.

U.S.D.A. has acknowledged that the visual
control method is the best way to control the quality and quantity of
food we eat. Until now, being at a party or a picnic meant it was
difficult to follow your portion control resolution. Our environmentally
friendly, 100% compostable, fully microwavable, 3-section portion
control starter plates have changed all that. Now you can enjoy your
outdoor events without feeling guilty.

Each of our nutrition
focused disposable starter plates is made from earth-friendly recyclable
natural fiber that is 100% compostable. The easy to recognize,
3-sections have elegantly implemented raised icons depicting the food
groups for that particular section of the portion control starter plate.
No more guesswork – the presence of these raised food group icons makes
it easy to make healthier food choices and the demarcated sections
makes it easy to eat the right quantities. Your family and guests will
thank you for being so caring about human and environmental health.

What’s in the box?

box contains 25, 9-inch, fully microwaveable, 100% biodegradable
Starter plates. Also included, is a set of ‘Eat & Learn’ System
discs that help explain the concept – something that will be appreciated
by those who are as yet unfamiliar with the concept of portion control.