Eco 100% Compostable Dinner Plates (Set of 100 Plus Eat & Learn System Discs)


Eco 100% Compostable Dinner Plates (Set of 100 Plus Eat & Learn System Discs) for Diabetes & Weight Management

Afraid that you might let go of yourself during an out-door picnic? Don’t be! Precise portions now introduces 100%
compostable, dietitian developed, microwave safe portion control plates, cups and bowls that have been especially designed for outdoor use.

disposable dinner plates are food-safe, unbleached, attractive, sturdy,
freezer safe, diabetic-friendly, easy to store, microwaveable and 100%
environmentally friendly.

You can now put food onto our fully
microwave and freezer safe portion control plates, heat or freeze the
food and serve your family and guests. These 10-in compostable portion
control plates are designed for elegant entertaining, indoors or out.

disposable 10-in Portion Control Dinner plates are food-safe,
attractive, unbleached, and they are sturdy. Each of our new, one-time
use portion control plate provides visual guides to portion control in a
very eco-friendly, 100% compostable package.

WhatÕs in the box?

  • 100, disposable, 10-inch, fully microwaveable, 100% Compostable Dinner
  • 1
    set of ‘Eat & Learn’ System discs that help explain the concept Ð
    something that will be appreciated by those who are as yet unfamiliar
    with the concept of portion control.


  • Microwave safe
  • Freezer safe
  • Oil and cut resistant
  • Elegantly implemented raised food group icons
  • Sturdy – no buckling when full
  • 100% compostable
  • Aids in weight control

One of the best ways to control how much a diabetic eats is through
the use of visual control methods Ð such as serving food on smaller
plates and paying attention to the type and quantum of food that is put
on a plate. What better way to do it than by using our 100% compostable
one-time use portion control dinner plates. Each portion control
compostable dinner plate has elegantly implemented raised icons
depicting the food groups for that particular section of the dinner
No more guesswork – the
presence of these raised food group icons makes it easy to make
healthier food choices and the demarcated sections makes it easy to eat
the right quantities.

Use the Eat & Learn System discs to select your daily calorie
budget, next, select a meal plan that falls within the calorie budget
and then create your daily menu Ð absolutely easy.

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