Elegant Disposable Plates, Dietitian Developed

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The Precise Portions Eco 100% Compostable Dinner Plates clearance – Set of 125 are especially designed for outdoor use. No worries about over-indulging at picnics or other outdoor gatherings. Each portion control compostable dinner plate has elegantly implemented raised icons depicting the food groups for that particular section of the dinner plate. No more guesswork – the presence of these raised food group icons makes it easy to make healthier food choices, and the demarcated sections make it easy to eat the right quantities. Made from Earth-friendly, recyclable, natural fiber that’s microwave- and freezer-safe, and cut-resistant. About Precise Portions Precise Portions was founded in 2007 by engineers/product developers Ed and Ann Marie Stephens, who wanted to help family members cope with the complications of Type 2 diabetes. After doctors suggested practicing portion control, the Stephens worked with registered dietitians and other health professionals to create an entire lineup of dinnerware. This dinnerware is a complete porcelain portion control system with support documentation that’s attractively styled to help people identify appropriate portion sizes, improve eating habits, and reach health goals. Microwave-safe. Made from Earth-friendly, recyclable, natural fiber. Dietitian developed. Raised food group icons. 11 1/8 diam. in.

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