Focus Nutrition and Portion control kit Bonus Offer Ð Inventory Clearance Sale


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Focus Nutrition and Portion control kit Bonus Offer Ð Inventory Clearance Sale

Have you ever been able to lose weight, but had trouble keeping the weight off?

Redefining portion sizes is the simple, proven way to properly manage your health and your weight.
Most products claim to help you lose weight and make crazy promises,
then leave you out to dry once youÕve opened up your wallet. ThatÕs one
of the many reasons weÕre so different than ANYTHING else youÕve seen.
Our products help you along the entire path to finding better health,
and stay by your side as you maintain your newfound health and

For a long, long time, portion control has been a difficult, confusing, and misconceived practice.

But now, thereÕs an easier way!

Portions offers a portion control system that helps you and yours to
eat healthily and improve your eating habits, FOR LIFE-
With Style and NO Guess Work!

The BEST way to manage your nutrition, weight, blood sugar levels, metabolism, and blood pressure while you continue to enjoy the foods you already love!

  • Reverse Overeating
  • Cardiac Eating Maintenance
  • Management of Diabetes through eating
  • Sustained Weight Control
  • Optimum Family Diet and Health

This Focus Nutrition and Portion control Kit includes EVERYTHING you need to achieve the results you want. ThereÕs NEVER been an easier way to stay on track for success,
as all Precise Portions dinnerware follow the most up-to-date
guidelines from the USDA MyPlate Initiative, the Academy of Nutrition
and Dietetics, and the American Diabetics Association.

What’s in the box? For 1 Low Price, You Get ALL this:

  • 1 – 9″ FOCUS Portion Control Plate, Porcelain

  • 1 – 16oz Portion Control Bowl for Soups, Salads or Cereal; Microwaveable Porcelain
  • 2 – 10oz portion control drinking glasses

  • 2 – 8oz Portion Control Bowl for Fruit and Snacks; Microwaveable Porcelain
  • 2 – 6″ Portion Control Plate for Breads & Desserts, Porcelain
  • 1 – Eat & Learn Nutrition Control System Disc

P.S. This is a clearance sale and
products are sold as is. No returns accepted. Any damaged items will be
immediately replaced at no cost to you.

This starter Nutrition & Portion Control System can become your partner for better health.

Why not get started today?