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Tired of always struggling to measure portion size?

Want to avoid overeating so you can finally shed those pounds?

Need a varied and nutritious diet?

Then look no further than the Precise Portions Porcelain Portion Control Plates!

Our quality control process is top-notch. But manufacturing is never perfect, and sometimes we catch a product thatÕs still perfectly functional, but exhibits a slight production flaw. This could include things like very small chips or irregularities in the finish of a plate, minor artwork abnormalities, and so on.

We always take the utmost care to send you only perfect products, and thatÕs how we found these.

The items listed on this page all bear very slight blemishes of some kind (see product description for specific details). TheyÕre sold Òas-isÓ, and arenÕt eligible for our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

That said, we promise you that every piece of portion control dinnerware you see here is as effective as its perfect counterpart in helping you reach your fitness goals.

Our meal portion control plates are fashioned with everyday China porcelain, featuring high-quality, durable finish that prevents scratches and chips. Not only will you be able to use the plates for much longer, but they’ll also keep their beautiful, elegant appearance over years too.

These Precise Portions plates have been designed by registered dietitians using current USDA nutritional guidelines. The plates have painted delimitations that divide them into 3 sections, one for each type of food you should be eating for a balanced and nutritious diet: for non-starchy veggies, lean meats and starch or grains. Now you can finally eat just the right amount of food at every meal!

Just look at the benefits :

Made from durable porcelain with chip-free finish.

Delimitations divide plates into 3 sections.

Makes portion control easy and effortless.

Designed by registered dietitians using current USDA nutritional guidelines.

Pack of 2: perfect one or two people!

How can you possibly not love these plates? Click the “Add to Cart” button to order the Precise Portions Porcelain Portion Control Plates right away!


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