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4th of July Treats Mythbusters – TypeFree Diabetes

By July 19, 2018 Uncategorized

4th of July Treats Mythbusters

 Diabetes and Nutrition

WatermelonMany people with diabetes believe that all fun foods are off limits. That is a myth. Eating healthy is all about balanced meals and snacks. Carbs should be eaten in the right amounts along with protein and fat. Don’t let summer food myth spoil your fun. Live Your Life!

1. I can have as much watermelon as I want – it’s fruit, after all!
Watermelon is extremely high in sugar (fructose). While watermelon does contain a healthy dose of water and can help to cool you down on a hot July 4th, it contains a level of sugar that may be unhealthy for some Diabetics – Approximately 11.45 grams of carbs in 1 cup of diced watermelon with a glycemic index of 77.

If you would like to take a bite of the pink stuff, make sure that you eat the watermelon along with a meal that includes whole grains and breads. These complex carbohydrates will help to offset the huge amount of fructose that the watermelon will add to your bloodstream.

2. Ice cream is off limits.

It’s okay to enjoy small amounts of ice cream – but make sure it is sugar-free ice cream instead. Type 2 Diabetics can enjoy a small amount of ice cream along with their meal as long as they keep an eye on their overall blood sugar level and stay hydrated.

However, Type 1 Diabetics should avoid ice cream altogether. Sugar-free ice cream is an okay treat for some Diabetics – depending on your personal history. You may want to opt, instead, for a fruit popsicle or ice.

3. Tea is a safe cookout drink.

Sweet Iced TeaIt’s common to find tea at a 4th of July cookout. However, it may not be as safe for you as you think. Tea itself is simply a concoction made by tea leaves steeped in water.

When nothing is added to the tea, it is generally healthy to drink. However, most 4th of July tea jugs contain huge amounts of sugar, which can send a Diabetic’s blood sugar level through the roof.

Before drinking the brown stuff, take a small sip to find out if it is sweet. If it is sweet, make sure to find out how it was sweetened. You may want to stay away from artificial sweeteners as well, depending on your personal dietary preference.

4. Watch the alcohol in-take.

Alcohol, including wine, beer, and coolers, has a large amount of sugar. In order to keep an eye on your blood sugar level, it is important to understand how alcoholic drinks affect your body.

Therefore, be sure that if you choose to have a beer or glass of wine, you check your blood sugar level closely. It’s also a good idea to limit your alcohol consumption to one or two beverages over the course of your 4th of July cookout in order to keep your sugar in-take in check.

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