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Body’s Water Needs Mythbusters – TypeFree Diabetes

By July 19, 2018 Uncategorized

Body’s Water Needs Mythbusters

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People with Type 2 diabetes often have high blood pressure and limited kidney function. Therefore, diabetics need to drink enough water to live a healthy lifestyle. Many diabetics are confused about how much water their body needs under different conditions.

1. I need to drink less water in the cooler weather.Fresh Water
Despite the outside temperature, you should always drink water or a low calorie beverage in order to maintain hydration. Many people believe that they can drink less water than usual in the winter because they do not sweat as much.

While it may be true that you should drink more water when you sweat (especially in the summer heat), it is vital that you stay hydrated during cooler months as well.

Water not only helps you to stay full, but it also keeps your muscles and joints lubricated, keeps your muscles working at their best, and removes toxins from your blood.

2. Eight glasses of water a day is enough to stay hydrated.
Different bodies need different amounts of water in order to be properly hydrated. 8 glasses of water a day is usually the minimum recommended amount. Use the following formula in order to determine the recommended amount of water intake for your body:
0.5 x Your Body Weight in Pounds  @8 ounces per cup = cups per day

For obese diabetics the calculation is more complicated using ideal body weight and adjusted body weight.

Daily water  need in cups = 0.5 x ABWdivided by 8

Adjusted Body Weight (ABW)  = IBW + 0.25 [(Current Weight  – Ideal Body Weight)] and Ideal Body Weight (IBW) are used: 

3. As long as I drink the recommended amount of water, I’ll be fine during exercise.
When you exercise, you lose fluid. Therefore, you need to drink extra water. The amount of fluid that you lose will depend on the type of exercise you are doing, how hard you are working out, and the environment in which you are working out.

The human body is composed of approximately 70% water. Water loss due to exercise can result in dehydration, sickness, and even death.

Here is a simple chart that may help you to calculate what happens depending on how much of your body weight you lose through water loss during exercise:

0% loss – Fully hydrated, feeling fine.1% loss – Getting thirsty.
2% loss – Getting thirstier and more uncomfortable.
3% loss – Mouth gets dry. Decrease in volume of blood and urine.
4% loss – Sick feeling. Reduced performance.
5% loss- Feeling sleepy and tired. Headache and trouble concentrating.
20% loss – Death.

4. Drinking water before I exercise makes my muscles cramp.
Sweat with AerobicsWater actually lubricates muscles and joints, making it easier to move them and increasing their endurance. Studies prove that when people drink water during exercise, they are able to lift heavier weights and exercise longer than those who do not drink water during or before exercise.

Hydrating your body will help it to function at its best. However, many people do believe that drinking water leads to muscle cramping. If you believe that water makes your muscles cramp, then drink an 8 ounce glass half an hour before working out in order to let your body digest it.


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