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Core Principles of Diet and Nutrition

By July 19, 2018 Uncategorized

Core Principles of Diet and Nutrition

The core principles of proper Diabetes nutrition
are centered on reducing blood sugar levels and increasing healthy
vitamins and minerals in the diet. Diabetics, especially, should adhere
to the principles of the Diabetes food pyramid in order to ensure that they have balanced Diabetes nutrition to keep their bodies healthy.

However, unlike the general population, Diabetics are not always
able to process glucose at the cellular level . That is why, it is
important for Diabetics to understand the chemical reactions that take
place in their bodies as they eat food. Understanding the biology of Diabetes is the first step in taking control of your Diabetes treatment so that you can live a healthy Diabetics life.

Good Foods: For DiabeticsMany Diabetics feel overwhelmed when they are first diagnosed.

For Diabetics
2 Diabetes, Type 1 Diabetes, or Gestational Diabetes. Properly managed
Diabetes, will required you to make some basic lifestyle changes,
especially in the way that you approach food. You will definitely need
to limit your sugar/carbohydrates in-take.

For example, love pasta? Yes you can still have this food that you
love. Only now, a better choice is whole wheat pasta instead of the
traditional styles of pasta. Also, you need to limit your food serving
sizes (one serving = 1/2cup cooked or ½ baseball) instead of all you
can eat. Generally, for all the foods that you love, there is an
acceptable alternative that makes you happy and your blood glucose
levels “happy” also.

Know that these lifestyle changes are entirely manageable
and will make you healthier and happier as you begin to incorporate
them into your regular eating habits. You can feel comfort knowing that
millions of Diabetics have had to make simple changes to their
nutrition plans.

To help Diabetics enjoy healthier food choices, many Diabetes
organizations have developed tips, Diabetes meal plans, food, and
healthy eating guidelines. Use our interactive learning module on Sugars and Starches to learn more.

Diabetes Healthy Eating Guidelines

Diabetes is a disease that is directly related to your sugar intake and corresponding blood sugar level. Due to the nature of Diabetes, the body cannot process sugars the way that it should.

Therefore, in order to keep your blood sugar level as low as
possible, it is important to limit the amount of sugar/carbs that you
eat and take all medications prescribed by your doctor.

Remember that a starch unit can made up of thousands of glucose units.

Tips for limiting your sugar intake:
• Choose whole grain products over products with refined flour.
• Avoid eating sweets, such as desserts and candy.
• Monitor your blood sugar level closely to avoid hypoglycemia (hahy-poh-glahy-see-mee-uh) or     elevated blood sugar levels.
• Avoid drinking sodas and other sugary beverages. Choose water instead.
• Limit intake of fruit juice, choose fresh fruit instead.
• Follow the food guide pyramid.
• Eat regular meals; no skipping!
• Control your healthy portions sizes.
• Choose vegetables and fruit over carbohydrates.
• Limit dining out at restaurants that do not offer healthy choices.
• Limit snacking especially if trying to lose weight.

Proper nutrition, coupled with diabetes exercise and Diabetes medication,
will help you manage your Diabetes so that you can stay healthy longer.
Take a moment to browse through this section for more information about
health dining out, cooking at home with these recipes for diabetes, maintaining a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle and more.


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