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Diabetes Health Tips & More.. Newsletter February 2010 – TypeFree Diabetes

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TypeFreeDiabetes Newsletter


Low Carb Diets Help Diabetes
“Read all about it! Low Carb Diets Help Reduce High Blood Sugar Levels in Diabetics!” That is what newspaper boys should be shouting.

So, when your doctors says, “You have type 2 diabetes” he will also say you need to control your high blood sugar and weight. This means you will need to adopt healthy food choices and exercise that will include a low carb diet

Confused About Sugar Alcohols?
Many people with diabetes are confused about sugar alcohols? They hear that sugar alcohols are not sugar, they don’t raise your blood sugar, and you can subtract them from your carbohydrate count. What is the real scoop on sugar alcohols?

Today, diabetics can have “certain” sugars in their diet and still meet the goals for blood sugar levels.

Gingered Beef with Broccoli and Stir-Fry Sauce
Are you working so hard that you don’t have enough time to cook a tasty low calorie meal? Unhealthy fast foods or even unhealthy meals from a box! Come on, you deserve better than that. People with diabetes must control their blood sugar, and body fat by cooking meals with low calories, low fat contents, and low glycemic load.
TypeFreeDiabetes.com offers this month’s recipe: Gingered Beef with Broccoli and Stir-Fry Sauce for people with diabetes and those who cook the meals for diabetics. Tell us your thoughts on this recipe.

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