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Diabetes Meal Planning Mythbusters – TypeFree diabetes

By July 19, 2018 Uncategorized

Diabetes Meal Plan

Diabetes Meal Planning Mythbusters

1. Diabetic-friendly food is bland.

Diabetic-friendly food does not have to be bland. People with diabetes who have sampled many store-bought Diabetic-friendly Herbs & Spicesfoods may have the impression that the low-sugar items are tasteless and unsatisfying. However, Diabetic-friendly food does not have to be bland at all.

While removing fat, sugar, and calories may also remove some well-loved flavoring, many chefs can repair the loss using a clever mixture of herbs and spices. For example, if you are making scrambled eggs, you may want to remove egg yolks, limit salt, and use only skim milk.

However, adding a touch of cinnamon to egg whites will not only make the meal healthier for everyone, but it will also result in gourmet-style flavor that that the whole family will love. Play around in the kitchen to develop your own flavorful recipes!

2. Diabetics can’t eat dessert.

Diabetics can eat just about anything in portion. However, sugar-free alternatives are ideal. While most people’s idea of dessert may include an entire bowl of ice cream, a Diabetic may only be able to take in an eighth of a cup of the cold treat – as long as he or she monitors his or her blood sugar level closely after eating the ice cream.

Therefore, you don’t need to prepare a second dessert for the Diabetic or even deprive the Diabetic of an after dinner treat.

However, keep in mind that in all cases, the sugar-free or low-sugar alternative to some desserts is ideal. While low-sugar options may feel lighter and have less taste, feel free to add flavors using spices, fruits, and sugar-free powders.

3. Diabetics can’t eat pasta or bread.

All Diabetics need carbohydrates. It is a common myth that Diabetics cannot eat carbohydrates at all.Whole Wheat Pasta In fact, just like everyone, Diabetics need some carbohydrates to stay energetic and active.

The truth of the matter is that white flour pasta and bread are not good for anyone – regardless of whether or not they are a Diabetic.

Therefore, choose whole wheat pasta and bread alternatives, which are loaded with healthy carbohydrates that will take longer to break down. Whole wheat pasta and bread is also thicker and provides more flavor than white flour pasta and bread.

4. Don’t serve wine to a Diabetic.

Red WineWine is loaded with sugar. Therefore, many Diabetics are smart to avoid it, even at a fancy dinner party.

However, it is permissible for Diabetics to have a glass of red wine or two with a meal as long as they remember to monitor their blood sugar level. Red wine generally has less sugar than white while or a rose wine.

Therefore, even if you are serving a meal that is traditionally paired with white wine, such as chicken or fish, make sure to have a red wine option available for the Diabetics at your table.

Remember: Eat Healthy With Style!

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