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Diabetes Meal Plans-Samples of 2000,1800,and 1500 Calories

By August 6, 2018 Sample Diabetic Menus

Sample Diabetic Menus

Diabetes Meal Plans – Samples of 2000, 1800, and 1500 Calories

2000 Calorie Diabetes Meal Plan and Diabetic Menus 
The 2000-calorie diabetes diet plan is appropriate for medium frame, active adults with a body mass index (BMI) of 22 – 30) Total calories: 2000 calories… Read more…

1800 Calorie Diabetes Meal Plan 
Eating an 1800 calorie healthy eating plan will help to make sure that you limit the amount of fat on your body by reducing the number of unused calories in your body (when unused, these calories turn to fat). Read more…

1500 Calorie Diabetes Meal Plan 
A 1500-calorie meal plan helps you control the calories you eat to a level that will reduce your risk of obesity, even with a sedentary lifestyle. You can follow a 1500-calorie meal plan by counting your calorie intake or by balancing portions of food.  Read more…


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