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Diabetes Self-Management Journal

Diabetes Care Journal

Self-Management Journal

Members Must Prepare Before Visiting Doctors’ Offices

To get the most value from visiting your doctor, use a Self-Management Journal to help you write down numerical results, and words to describe your successes and difficulties in meeting your goals. Just print the selected forms and begin writing your information about:

1. Lab tests (Blood, and urine)
2. Physician examinations (eye inspection, blood pressure, etc.
3. Glucose management (metering and medication)
4. Physical activity, and changes in nutrition

You Must Leave Your Doctor’s Office With a Greater Understanding of Your Condition & How to Improve It

These forms will also help you prepare questions and answers before visiting your medical team. Your medical team includes all of the health care providers, i.e. primary care physician, specialists like endocrinologist, podiatrist, ophthalmologist, etc; Certified Diabetic Educators, nutritionists, etc.

Go to our Diabetes Dictionary to read about medical terms you may not be familiar with (then click backspace to return here).

Speak With Your health consultants and knowledgeable individuals in our ‘Forum’ to learn about your health care rights. For example, how many visits to your medical team are you entitled to? How do you ask for your lab results and other records?

First, think about questions the doctor will ask and how you will answer them. Most importantly, KEEP YOUR APPOINTMENT.

1. Have you met your goals? Be sure to mention your successes in:

a. Improved nutrition
b. Increased physical activity
c. Stopped smoking
d. Reduced alcohol consumption

2. What has prevented your from reaching your goals? Honestly discuss personal, even if embarrassing topics:

a. Side effects
b. High cost
c. Not enough time
d. Your fears
e. Over the counter drugs you are taking
f. Herbal supplements

3. What complications have you experienced?

a. Recurring low blood sugar
b. Weight gain
c. Increased blood pressure
d. Other


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