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Energy Drink Mythbusters for Diabetics

By July 19, 2018 Uncategorized

Energy Drink Mythbusters

Food for Type 2 Diabetes

People with diabetes must understand the benefits and potential harm of the foods we eat.  We must do a little homework before swallowing the advertisement for energy drinks. It is critical that people with diabetes be careful about what chemicals enter our bodies. Consider the following…

1. Because energy drinks are made with vitamins, they are good for me.Energy Drinks

Some energy drinks are made with vitamins. One of the latest trends in energy drinks is the infusion of Vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12 is supposed to help boost the metabolism and increase energy levels. However, it is important to note that the benefits of taking vitamins have never been fully proven by researchers to be effective.

Also, not all energy drinks are made with vitamins, so be sure to check the label. In fact, one of the key ingredients in many energy drinks is caffeine. While caffeine does help to boost the metabolism, it also has been shown to inhibit sugar processing. Thus, drinking caffeine may actually lead to weigh gain and a decrease in the effectiveness of your Diabetes medications.

2. Energy drinks boost my metabolism, so they help me burn calories.

The effectiveness of energy drinks has yet to be fully proven and understood. Many energy drinks feature a mixture of vitamins and caffeine that are intended to increase energy, boost metabolic processes, and make it possible for users to have more energy while performing daily activities.

Independent studies have shown that drinking large amounts of caffeine before a work-out can increase energy levels and metabolic rates. However, over time, the effects of the caffeine can have a detrimental impact on the metabolic rates of the body when the body is at rest.

With regards to the energy-boosting effects of vitamins, researchers constantly struggle to prove that vitamins actually create an impact on the body. Many scientists believe that the psycho-somatic impact of taking vitamins on a daily basis is more effective than the actual vitamins themselves.

3. Energy drinks are better than coffee for becoming wide awake in the morning.

Coffee is often regarded as the drink that provides the best morning boost. Many people, however, have started replacing their morning cups of java with cans of vitamin and caffeine-rich energy drinks. While these newer drinks provide stiff competition for the traditional morning companion, their effectiveness when compared to coffee, has yet to be estGreen Appleablished.

What is established, however, is the impact of the morning apple. Researchers believe that eating an apple a day in the morning can help to increase alertness not only in the morning, but also throughout the day more effectively than a cuppa joe.


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