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Healthy Dieter Diabetic Gift Basket – TypeFree Diabetes

Healthy Dieter Diabetic Gift Basket

Pamper you taste buds with the nutria-licious, low on sugar foods contained within this Healthy Dieter Diabetic Gift Basket. Not only that they tend to savor your appetite, but they also boost your metabolic rate at time s when it’s needed the most. This handmade basket includes a variety of soups, low calorie snacks to munch on, smoked salmon and beverages to sip on. Get one right now and enjoy every bit of it!

Product Code: GB01W102

  • Make dieting easier with a delicious variety of metabolism-boosting foods!
  • Hand-Made basket includes:
  •  Soups
  • Smoked salmon
  • Beverages
  • Tasty low calorie snacks
  • Pedometer
  • Weight Loss Food Guide

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