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Maturity Onset Diabetes (MODY) – TypeFree Diabetes

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Maturity Onset Diabetes of Youth (MODY)

Maturity Onset Diabetes of Youth (MODY)
is the term given to any one of six rare hereditary forms of diabetes. MODY is similar to Type 2 diabetes in that it affects a person’s ability to effectively use insulin. However, most people with MODY are able to produce some insulin and have the same sensitivity to insulin as a person that does not have Type 2 diabetes. In all, about 5% of people with diabetes have MODY.

Symptoms of Maturity Onset Diabetes

People with MODY may have significantly high blood sugar levels and display other symptoms of diabetes. However, a distinguishing factor of MODY is that many people show no symptoms of diabetes at all and their MODY is accidentally discovered. Often MODY is discovered when a woman goes through a routine glucose tolerance test during pregnancy.

Additional Symptoms and signs of MODY:

  • High blood sugar levels (ranging from 130-250 mg/dL)

  • First-degree relative with MODY
  • Lack of antibodies
  • Low insulin requirements
  • Relatively normal body weight
  • Cystic kidney disease

Treatment for Maturity Onset Diabetes

MODY should be treated like Type 2 diabetes, as the causes and diabetes complications are similar. People who have MODY should pay special attention to their blood sugar levels, as it is likely that they have had high blood sugar levels for a long period of time without even knowing it. Therefore, they may face diabetic complications such as heart disease and damaged blood vessels that they now need to take steps to correct.

Medications may help to treat diabetics with MODY. However, many MODY patients produce and absorb insulin at normal or nearly normal levels, even though they have high blood sugar levels. Many MODY diabetics rely on careful blood sugar level monitoring , exercise , and diabetic diet plans, which will likely include reduced-sugar diet.

If you think you have MODY, contact your doctor for a diagnosis and treatment immediately.

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