4 Go-Healthy Store n Go Travel Combo Pack


The Precise Portions 4 Go Healthy Portion Control Plates are made
from BPA-free microwave safe, and freezer safe plastic, meaning they are completely safe to use at home or away from home. Comes in
a set of 4

The multi-use Meal-Planning DISC Set (4 laminated sides) overs a so much nutrition information that each time you look at it, you will learn new nutrition facts supported by the USDA.

The attractive green and gray Store ‘n Go Lunch bag has three
compartments so you can easily pack everything you need right where it
needs to be.

A separate nine inch wide zippered compartment, makes sliding the Travel Pack Plate system in a horizontal and out stress-free.

If you are having troubles trying to lose weight or stay fit, these portion control plates will be just perfect for you. They are divided into 3
sections for non-starchy vegetables, lean meat and starch or grains so
you can easily control portion size.

Taking a healthy lunch to work or school couldnÕt be easier with this Combo Pack.

Make fast food lunches and lunches smashed in brown bags a thing of
the past! With the complete Precise Portions Combo Pack, youÕll have no
need to stop for fast food because youÕll have a healthy lunch right
with you wherever you go! Taking a healthy lunch to work or school
couldnÕt be easier with this Combo Pack.

Inside the Precise Portions Combo Pack you will find the complete
Travel Pack. This helpful plate system makes eating healthy balanced
meals effortless. The section plate shows you exactly how much
vegetables, whole grains or starchy vegetables, and meat or meat
alternatives you need to have. All you have to do is fill it with
healthy choices and snap the included tight fitting lid right on top. As
if thatÕs not convenient enough, the included fork and spoon click
right onto the lid! Microwave safe and BPA free, this plate system
offers all you could ever need for a meal and more!

Once your precisely portioned meal is made, just slide it into its
own special compartment in the three compartmentPrecise Portions Store n
Go Lunch bag. This smartly designed gray and green lunch bag has a
separate nine inch square zippered compartment, making sliding the
Travel Pack Plate system in and out stress-free.

The generous top compartment allows you plenty of room to store a
water bottle, fruit, yogurt, any other snacks you may need for the day.
When youÕve filled the top compartment, just zip it closed and you can
be confident nothing will spill! Tuck in napkins, condiments, and any
other odds and ends into the front zippered compartment and you have
everything you need!