Eco-Compostable Accessory Cups 10oz (Set Ð 25) with 4oz guiding lines


Precise Portions 100% Compostable 10 oz. Portion Control Cups (Set of 25)

Introducing your 100% compostable 10 oz. portion control cup, recommended for cold beverages primarily. If you’re thinking of patio party or an outdoor party on your lawn, you no longer have to resign yourself to washing up after the party or to contend with disposable and environmentally unfriendly material.

These 10 oz. portion control cups are made from recyclable natural fiber that does not react with food.

As a parent, using a 10 oz. portion control cup means you can keep an accurate track of the amount of sodas, and juices that your kids are consuming. Our 10 oz. portion control cups are also a boon for adults because each 10 oz. cup has 4oz and 8oz level indicators. No more guessing as to how much liquid you consume.

Carry our elegantly packaged 10 oz. portion control cups to office, or use them at any outdoor picnic or party. Being 100% compostable they are convenient and easily disposed with absolutely no guilt or fear of environmental pollution.

What’s in the box?

  • Each box is attractively packaged and contains 25, 10 oz. 100% compostable portion control cups.