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Weight management – and even blood sugar/glucose control – don’t have to be as complex as people fear. If you’ve got a strategy that’s already working for you, Precise Portions is the last piece of the puzzle!
Precise Portions’ portion control glasses, bowls and plates are elegant, stylish – and effective. Designed by leading dietitians using current guidelines published by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly “American Dietetic Association”) & American Diabetes Association
That’s right – eating well just got easier. With our – Focus Portion Control Beverage & Snack Bonus Kit! These portion control dishes, bowls and glasses are artfully designed with discretion in mind – helpful markings are concealed within the designs. Crafted from beautiful porcelain china, this is portion control dinnerware you can share with anyone – and nobody will be the wiser! Even if company drops by unexpectedly, all they’ll notice is the results you’re achieving, because your portion control system may even be nicer than their dinnerware!
What’s in the box?
  • 4 – Portion control 10oz Beverage Glasses
  • 4 – 8oz Snack Bowls; Microwaveable Porcelain
  • 4 Ð 6Ó Side plates; Microwaveable Porcelain
  • 1 – Quick start guide
So, would you like to manage your weight, blood sugar and metabolism? You can do it… naturally! Portion control will get you started down the path to your goals.
Get started today – results are just a few clicks away!