Portion Control Glasses, 10oz, 6″ Tall – Set of 4

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Liquid calories that sneak up on you! These stylish portion control drinking glasses are discreetly marked for perfect portion control of beverages. Just Stay Within The Lines…

Portion Control Glasses, 10oz, 6″ Tall – Set of 4 PLUS Bonus Offer – 4 Ceramic Coasters & eBook FREE

Liquid calories – they’ll sneak right up on you if you’re not careful! Luckily, you’ve got just the right tool to fight back: the Precise Portions portion control drinking glass.

Your weight management (or glucose control) strategy just got easier. These stylish glasses are discreetly marked within their attractive artwork for perfect portion control of beverages. You’ll be able to use them anywhere – and nobody will be the wiser! All your friends and family will notice are your results – now that’s portion control you can be proud of!

What’s in the box?
  • Four 10-oz, 6″ Precise Portions drinking glasses,
  • 4 Precise Portions coasters

Precise Portions’ 6″ tall 10oz drinking glasses are designed by Registered Dietitians using current Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formally “American Dietetic Association”), and American Diabetes Association guidelines. We have cleverly designed volume indicators for 4oz & 8oz into the graphic art. Now, there is no guess work when you want to have a single serving of fruit juice (4oz), and a single serving of low fat milk (8oz). With weighted bases to prevent spills and a classic, modern look, your portion control drinking glasses have got you covered – at home or on the road!

Portion control is the first step to living a healthier lifestyle. Using the Precise Portions system, you’ll speed up your metabolism by balancing your nutritional intake. A faster, well-regulated metabolism means that you’ll still enjoy eating the foods you like – and you’ll feel better and have more energy at the same time!

Finally – you don’t have to sacrifice your style to eat healthy! The Precise Portions drinking glass is both attractive and effective.

You’ll even get a FREE 4-pack of Precise Portions coasters with your order to keep those rings off your tables! We can’t keep giving them away forever though – get yours today!

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