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Complete Lifestyle Starter Set for Diabetes and Weight Management, Porcelain – 1 Place Setting – Product Code: PPNCS-PSK1

Manage your nutrition, blood sugar levels, weight, metabolism and blood pressure…while you continue to enjoy the foods you already love – With Ease and Style!

Product Benefits Key Advantages

Precise Portions makes it easy to:

  • Redefine portion sizes
    • Manage your blood sugar levels
    • Manage your diabetes health and weight
  • NO guesswork! No measuring! No Counting!
  • Eat on “real plates”
    • 100% beautiful, chip-resistant Porcelain China
    • Microwave & dishwasher-safe
    • Lead & cadmium free
  • Nutrition Control System helps you and yours eat healthy and improve eating habits for life!

  • Dietitians & Certified Diabetes Educators Developed
  • Measurement system discreetly integrated into the design
  • Beautiful porcelain china – No one will know unless you tell them
  • The most complete single place setting for all eating occasions – Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
  • Good for the whole family – get kids learning how to eat well right away
  • A Nutritional Control Tool many dietitians & nutritionists easily
    and confidently give to their patients- for immediate improvement in
    eating healthy at home.


The Complete Lifestyle Starter Set includes every tool you need to develop or maintain a complete nutritional strategy – one that will get you the results you want. There’s never been an easier way to stay on track for success. The portion control markings on each piece of dinnerware are artfully disguised within the attractive design. Just stay within the lines. The new Eat & Learn System Placemat Discs tell you how it all works – tailored just for you.

More Benefits

For your convenience, the Eat & Learn System Discs double as a placemat, putting important nutritional information right where you need it most: in front of you at mealtime. These System Discs are a powerful tool for you, your family and your doctor or nutritionist. On one side of your Eat & Learn System Discs, you’ll see simple, nutrition guidelines that help you create low calorie, nutrient-rich meals. On the other is a daily menu planning aid to help you keep track of your daily calorie and nutrient intake, plus lots of straight-forward information about the food groups, snack ideas and a quick guide to diet plans that are right for you.

Technical Details and Specifications

The Complete Lifestyle Starter Set includes:

  • 1 – 9″ Focus plate: the starter plate, dietary guidelines imprinted to re-train your eyes on how to eat well
  • 1 – 10″ LifeStyle plate: the maintenance plate, you decide when you are ready to “move up”
  • 1 – 6″ Side Plate: for bread or dessert if your calorie budget allows
  • 1 – 18oz Cereal/Soup Bowl: with ? cup lines indicated with each “leaf/line” integrated into the design
  • 1 – 8oz Snack Bowl: with 2-oz lines indicated with each “leaf/line”
  • 1 – 10″oz Beverage Glass: with 4-oz lines indicated with each “leaf/line” integrated in the design
  • 2 – 11″ Eat & Learn System Placemat Discs: Pulls it all together to make the system as easy as 1, 2, 3!

How to use?

Your Portion Control Porcelain Plates: How to use

Your 9″ Focus portion control dinner plate – With helpful dietary guidelines printed right on the plate itself, you’ll always have easy access to important serving information. Remember – just stay inside the lines.

The 10″ LifeStyle portion control plate is beautiful & easy to use, it’s the plate you graduate to once you have mastered the principles of the Focus plate. Choose the foods you enjoy most, place them on the appropriate section of the plate and keep it inside the lines – that’s it. Proper nutrition control that’s simple, effective& guest friendly – Just stay within the lines.

Like dessert? We like dessert too, and we asked our team of dietitians to help us figure out how we could all continue to enjoy it. Now you don’t have to resist the temptation, because as long as you keep your sweet treats within the lines on your 6″ portion control dessert plate, it’s all part of your action plan….assuming your daily calorie budget allows of course 🙂

Your Portion Control Porcelain Bowls – Pre-measured: How to Use

Your 18oz portion control bowl is decorated with ? Cup, 1Cup and 1? Cups measurements artfully integrated into a leaf-motif design. This is our way of ensuring you eat the same amount every time with No Measuring, and No Guess Work.

Your 8oz Snack Bowl is clearly delineated into 2 oz, 4 oz and 6 oz measurements. Accurately serving the correct amount of Almonds, Pistachios, and other nuts as well as other snacks is the healthy low calorie way to eat.

Your Portion Control Beverage Glass – Pre-measured: How to Use

Your 10oz Portion Control Beverage Glass is decorated with 4oz and 8oz measurements clearly and discreetly marked. This is a very attractive way to guarantee drinking the correct amount of fruit juice, or low fat milks each and every time.

Nutritionists, dietitians and results agree: the best way to manage your weight, blood sugar, metabolism and blood pressure is to eat healthy, because you’ll have more energy, feel better and improve your overall health. The easiest way to do this is through portion control – to keep eating the foods you enjoy in proper proportion.

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ECO 100% compostable - disposable portion control plates, bowls, cups and side plates

Why Precise Portions?

Precise Portion’s dinnerware is developed by Registered
Dietitians/Certified Diabetes Educators using the best science and the
most current guidelines from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics as
well as the American Diabetes Association, and the USDA’s MyPlate

What Customers Say?

“Very good system because it is simple and it is visual. No measuring, weighing, or counting. No diaries and food logs.”

B. Mayworm – IL, USA

“My husband and I were looking for A method to help us keep track of our portion sizes. This is a perfect way of doing this.My husband takes the time and pays close attention to what he’s doing and myself also. We are quite happy with this purchase. Thank you”

E. Gaudreau – MA, USA

“The shipping was awesome. I ordered on a Sunday and received it on Tuesday. I love the whole set. They look like real dishes and no one has to know that you are watching you portions.”

Carolyn – NC, USA