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Strength Training for Weak Muscles – The Warm Up – TypeFree Diabetes

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Strength Training For Weak Muscles – The Warm-Up

Diabetes Exercises

Warm-up: 5-minute Walk

To get your muscles warm and loose for strength training, walk for five to ten minutes outsideWarm-Up Walk if weather permits, or inside around the house or on a treadmill if you have one. Walking will help direct needed blood flow to your muscles and prepare your body for exercise. Warming up is important for preventing injury as well as gaining maximal benefit from the exercise, because loose, warm muscles will respond better to the challenge of lifting weights.

If you have another piece of aerobic exercise equipment available to you, such as a bike, rowing machine, or stair stepper, this will serve as an adequate warm up as well.

Follow this session with Strength Training – Stage 1 for at least two weeks. Always do a Cool Down at the end of each exercise session.

For Strength Training – Stage 2, click here, after at least 2 (two) weeks of Stage 1. Remember to always include a cool down.

For Strength Training – Stage 3, click here, after you have been doing Stages 1 and 2 for at least 6 (six) weeks.

Content source: Division of Nutrition and Physical Activity, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

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