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The Traditional Latin American Diet Pyramid – TypeFree Diabetes

By July 19, 2018 Uncategorized

The Traditional Latin American Diet Pyramid

The Latin American Diet Pyramid is characterized by
the heavy presence of corn, potatoes, peanuts and dry beans other all other
types of food. These foods have been common in the Latin American diet
for centuries – dating as far back at 1500. In general, the Latin
American diet is made of foods that are inexpensive, but tasty and easy
to prepare. The factor that made help this diet be part of a healthy lifestyle is the high level of physical activity of everyday life.

Latin-American Diet Pyramid
nutritional practices involve maintaining a well-balanced diet that
includes whole grains, protein, dairy, vegetables, fruit and some fats.

Americans are accustomed to seeing the traditional Food and Drug
Administration pyramid on the box of every cereal box and FDA-approved
publication. While the American food guide pyramid is by all means
healthy and comprehensive, we thought it would be fun to share food
guide pyramids reflecting the histories of many other ethnic
beginnings, cultures and beliefs.

For other traditional ethnic food pyramids, click on The Food Pyramids.

Like most diet pyramid, physical activity plays a critical role in
maintaining good health by burning excess calories. In the past the
lack of automation and labor saving farming and manufacturing forced
the people to burn excess calories in their daily lifestyle.


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