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Type 2 Diabetes and The Tale of the Pancreas – TypeFree Diabetes

By July 19, 2018 Uncategorized

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Type 2 Diabetes and The Tale of the Pancreas

Consider this:

What if the body’s effort to protect itself from obesity causes insulin resistance leading to Type 2 Diabetes?

The body is a very complex autonomic nervous system (ANS) that has many mechanisms to protect itself. For example The immune system destroys beta cells that produce insulin causing Type 1 diabetes. But, let’s think about Type 2 diabetes, keeping in mind that the ANS:

  • Causes you to sweat to cool itself (called evaporative cooling).
  • Sensors causes you cough to expel fluid from the lungs;
  • In extreme cases it will create its on artery bypass to supply blood to the heart around blocked arteries.

    OK. Lets say Jane Doe puts on extra weight via fat storage. Jane
    overeats with little to no physical activity. As Jane gets fatter, her
    (ANS) takes over to protect her from her poor lifestyle.

    To slow down the fat accumulation, the fat cells (cells that store
    fat) send chemical messages (hormones) to the other cells (like muscle, brain
    cells) to ignore the insulin. The outer cell walls have insulin
    receptors that insulin connects to. Once this happens, glucose floating
    around in the bloodstream are allowed to enter the cell. There, the
    glucose is converted to chemical energy (ATP Adenosine Tri-Phosphate) and the excess is converted to fat by the liver. 

    The above research article suggest that the presence of glucose
    stimulates the activity of the Liver X Receptor. The LXR triggers the
    release of enzymes that turn excess glucose into
    triglycerides (3 connected fatty acids) that are stored as fat under
    your skin or in your abdomen.Pancreas Connected to Duodenum

    When Jane’s body senses too much fat has been stored, the fat cells send chemical messages (hormones) to turn off some of cells’ insulin receptors. This in part is Type 2 diabetes – insulin resistance. Jane’s body  counters
    itself by telling the pancreas to produce more insulin to overcome the
    resistance. If she is overweight long enough (years) the pancreas
    begins to ignore the message to produce more insulin (burnout of some beta cells).

    As some of you know, beta cells produce insulin. They are located in the ‘islets of Langerhans‘. The islets of Langerhans are located in the tip of the pancreas. The pancreas is a 6 inch long gland located behind the
    stomach and attached to the top end of the small intestine (the duodenum).

    Blood glucose levels begin to rise as insulin resistance kicks in.
    Overproduction of insulin forces the cells to accept more glucose which
    is turned to fat and stored. Jane gets fatter. The stronger Jane’s
    pancreas is the longer it will overproduce insulin. Maybe, this is
    where genetics comes in.Beta Cells in Pancreas

    Most people (approx. 93% in whites, 86% blacks, 87% Latinos,and so
    on) have pancreas that keep pumping out extra insulin. They don’t
    develop Type 2 diabetes. They develop other metabolic diseases like
    cancers, cardiovascular that leads to heart attacks, stroke, kidney
    failure,and others..

    Well, you know where this story goes. Unless Jane changes her lifestyle with
    more physical activity, improved nutrition, and medication, her diabetes
    complications worsen. All because different parts of her body try to carry out their mission of protection.

    What do you think? Creative thinking resulting from hard core research.

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