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WholeSale Diabetic Supplies | TypeFree Diabetes

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function form_validation()
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alert(“Following input validations are missingn”+msg);
return false;
return true;

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Diabetic Suppliers

If you’re tired of looking for different diabetic suppliers who don’t meet your expectations, then look no more. We at Typefreediabetes™ offer wide varieties of diabetic products for different institutions like hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. We also offer our service to those business establishments that wanted to “buy and sell” consumable diabetic products, for resell. We at Typefreediabetes™ are offering huge discounts for those establishments and institutions that we have mentioned above. Our company deliberately provides huge savings for those who order diabetic products in large quantities. If you’re asking what would be our edge compared to other diabetic suppliers, please take a look below:

  • We Deliver – We know that there are a lot of diabetic suppliers who “promise” to offer diabetic products at a much lower price; however, many of these companies don’t deliver what they have promised on their sales page area. Here at Typefreediabetes™ you are very much assured that what you see on our site is what will be delivered right to your door. No excuses.
  • We Only Provide Quality Products – We offer affordable products that you can rely on. Compared to other diabetic suppliers, which offers you cheap but low quality products, here in our company, we take pride to offer you only the best, and the most selected brands that millions of people are using worldwide. Some of the top brands that we deliver are: Bayer®, Homedics®, Freestyle®, Poise®, Depend®, Sunbeam®, Glucerna®, Preciseportions®, and Panasonic®.
  • On-time Delivery – Because of the nature of our business, we make sure that any product which you have ordered from us will be delivered on time. Compared to other diabetic suppliers who only provide you with false reassurances, at TypefreediabetesTM you can count on us that we will deliver your product on time, because in our company, it is our client who really matters.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed – One factor that makes us different from other diabetic suppliers is the satisfaction of service that we offer in our customers in every transaction. For several years of existence, we have served many customers both local, and worldwide, and have received a lot of good feedback from our loyal customers. Although it’s inevitable that there will be a few times that transactions might not flow flawlessly due to some factors, which are beyond our control (like bad weather conditions when delivering the products) we ensure that we take “instant” actions, which are necessary to remedy the situation. This is one of the trademarks of our company that makes our customers loyal to us up-to now, which you cannot find in other diabetic suppliers.
  • Loyalty-rewards – One of the reasons why we have retained the trust and loyalty of our customers, is because our company offers “loyalty” rewards for those recurring customers who enjoys our service. If you sign-up in our automatic delivery system, you will avail a total of 10% discount every time each time you make a delivery order. Now compared that to other diabetic suppliers.
  • Secured Online Transaction – Unlike to some diabetic suppliers who have proliferated the internet, we have invested a lot of time and money in order to make all transactions in our site private and secured. So even if you’re a large company that would like to access our services, we assure you that all the transactions are safe and risk-free, and guaranteed to run smoothly.

Products that We Offer

Many of our products that are available for wholesale price, are “consumable” items that can be enrolled in our auto-shipment feature. This feature is exclusively offered for your convenience, and will save you from stressing yourself in repeating the same process every time you wish to purchase our products. Below are some of the products that are offered in our company, just click the link below, and you will be redirected into the diabetic suppliers area. Thank you.

Incontinence products Diabetic Portion Control Plates Diabetic Supplements Sugar Free Desserts
Test Strips Personal Care Products Eye Health Supplements Contour Pillows
Diabetic Socks Wound Care Products Medical I.D Bracelets/Pendants Weight Control Supplements

See how we compare to other Diabetic Supply Companies

We offer Affordable Diabetic Supplieslearn more

How to Order Diabetic Supplies – learn more


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