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By July 19, 2018 Uncategorized

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Declare War on Obesity!
With Springtime and Summer upon us, it’s time to declare war on obesity! In war only the strong survive. We can help.

So, here is a 5-step meal plan that will make it so easy to win the war on obesity! Keep reading to learn our little “arsenal” to use in your war strategy:

Eat Less Exercise More to Improve Calorie Balance
To promote a healthy calorie balance, eating less and exercising more would seem like common knowledge. But does this always apply to those with Type 2 diabetes?
A healthy balance should be calories eaten equals calories burnt. This is one sure way to prevent body fat weight gain.
NEW! Delivered Prepared Meal Service
Did you know that there is a simple easy way to ensure that your blood sugar levels and body fat is under control? Drum roll please! Our Delivered Prepared Meals Service offers you personalized, balanced, and most of all diabetes-friendly meals delivered to your door Fresh – Never Frozen!
If you don’t have the time or skill to cook, our portion controlled meals prepared by our chefs will make mealtimes quick delicious and healthy. Check out our amazing diabetes-friendly meals to choose from, and select from the following menus: Busy Singles, Couples on The Go and Family Favorites.

   Picture this: You order and rest, and we deliver the best.

This month, we’re excited to offer the free recipe called Springtime Chicken Stew for you to cook and enjoy! Be creative, try your choice of spices to personalize the stew!
Free Recipe: Springtime Chicken Stew!
Get a FREE EasyMax blood test meter when you buy a box of 200 test strips. It’s like a birthday gift in May. Know your blood sugar level when you are feeling badly and well.
Free Meter with 200 Strips Purchase

Step out in style with comfortable, and customizable diabetes shoes for men and women. These shoes are designed extra space in the toe area, and removable insoles for more comfort and orthotics. They are so good you need 2.
$25 Off 2 Pairs of Diabetes Shoes
Coupon Code: SpringComfort
It’s grilling time again and it all good! The grilling process is healthier than baking or broiling because it drips off saturated fat. Cut the sodium, marinate the meat with herbs and spices to create a healthy high protein low carb meal.
10% Off All Grills & Accessories
Coupon Code: GrillingTime

Lunch Bags Never Looked So Good!! Now, add some style to your plans to stick to your diabetes healthy eating guidelines.
Come on! Pack your own healthy lunch in a very
attractive lunch tote. Make a health-focused fashion statement.
10% Off All Lunch Totes & Market Totes
Coupon Code: PakALunch
Who said building a high protein low carb salad had to be boring or difficult? All you need are the right gadgets to chop, grind, and grill your way prepping and grilling excitement! Remember high protein low carb meals reduces diabetic’s blood sugar levels.
$5 Dollars Off All Gadgets to Chop, Grind, and Grill!
Coupon Code: SaladFixins
Visit us at: www.TypeFreeDiabetes.com I Email us at: cserv@TypeFreeDiabetes.com


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