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Diabetes Type 2 Self-Management – TypeFree Diabetes

By July 19, 2018 Uncategorized

Diabetes Facts

Type 2 Diabetes Self-Management

Diabetes Type 2 self-management involves steps you can take, on a regular basis, to keep your blood sugar levels within a target range. Managing a proper diabetes program, calls for using blood sugar testing, a diabetes care journal, and diabetes diet plans. So, learning to manage
your type 2 diabetes allows you to live a healthier, more fulfilling
life without the anxiety of medical complications.

Regular Checkups
Regular checkups
with your doctor (or other health care specialist) canDiabetes Self-Management ensure that
you’re taking all the right steps, doing everything the right way, and
getting the results you would expect.

Sugar Testing

sugar testing kits
(with a blood glucose meter or glucometer)
check your blood glucose levels to determine if they are within a
normal range. Levels that are too high could cause blood vessel and
nerve damage, and eventually contribute to a stroke, kidney or heart
disease, etc. Levels that are too low could cause shaking, nausea, and
sweating, and could ultimately lead to a diabetic coma. Normal ranges
would typically be 70-140 mg/dL before meals; <160 mg/dL
approximately two hours after meals (on regular insulin); and 70-140
mg/dL at bedtime.

Medications and Accessories
Devices and supplies that are used in diabetes testing and managing blood sugar levels include:

  • Blood
    Glucose Meters, Lancets, Strips and Test Solution:
    This equipment will check to see if
    your blood levels are within targeted ranges. The lancet draws blood,
    the strip absorbs a drop of blood, and the glucose meter reads the strip
    to determine the blood glucose levels. Don’t forget to use test solutions for check the accuracy of your meter and strip.

  • Oral Medications: Prior to
    insulin therapy, oral medications such as Metformin or Diabinese may be
    prescribed to help lower blood glucose levels.
  • Insulin Pens
    and Syringes:
    These are used to administer insulin by injection.
  • Other
    These may include glucose tablets (designed to stabilize
    glucose blood levels), footwear (shoes for men and women with diabetes, and compression hose and socks designed to improve
    circulation), etc.

Good Nutrition is Low Fat, Low Carb, Low Calorie, and Great TasteDelicious Diabetes Meal
Who said a diabetes meal has to taste like hospital food?

  • Diabetes Diet Plans
With a little
extra planning, you can use Diabetes
and Diabetes Meal Plans to create
healthy, simple delicious meals designed to
balance your blood sugar and support your health in many other ways!
Diabetes diet plans with meal suggestions are available for free on
www.typefreediabetes.com, and also include nutritional information.
Www.TypeFreeDiabetes.com offers chef
designed diabetes friendly meals prepared and delivered to your door
Fresh — Never Frozen. We focus on Low fat, low carb, low calorie, and
great flavor. These control portion meals will make mealtimes quick
delicious and healthy!

Increased Exercise, Physical Activity (you name it)
Regular exercise should be an essential element of your Diabetes Standards of Care. Exercise can help you reduce your body fat, control blood sugar levels, reduce stress, and prevent or delay
many diabetes complications.

Diabetes Care Journal

A Diabetes
Care Journal can go a long way toward helping you and your doctor
understand daily habits that may influence your blood sugar levels. With
a journal, you can record daily medications and blood glucose levels,
and identify internal or external influences on your blood sugar levels
that you may not notice otherwise. A form for this purpose can be
printed out at:

diabetes doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated! By taking the
above steps, you can be well on your way to managing diabetes Type 2.


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