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Testimonials for TypeFreeDiabetes.com and Diabetes Product Reviews – TypeFree Diabetes

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Testimonials for TypeFreeDiabetes.com & Diabetes Product Reviews

The following testimonials were unsolicited:

  • I have ordered from you in the past and was totally satisfied with my purchase. That’s why I was a little surprised when this order arrived and was nothing like the photo that I
    ordered from. Since I could tell it didn’t come from your address, and was a private
    individual, I decided it was them and not you that made the mistake.

    I have no problems with your company. Thank you for the refund, I appreciate your attention to this problem.

    • D
  • Received notice today that my order has shipped, but I had already received my order on 2/17! That is GREAT SERVICE and I am VERY HAPPY with my (Portion Control) plate and place mat which I started using right away.
  • I have been type II for almost 30 years and on an insulin pump for over 5 years. As a diabetic, I know what I should eat but as the saying goes, ‘out of sight, out of mind’. This(Portion Control) plate will help keep me in focus.   
    • Thank you!  Juanita
  • I am enjoying my Omron Heart Rate Monitor.  Thanks for the fast shipment. You did not have to do that. But I appreciate your service.
    • D
  • I tried these socks and my feet felt super protected that whole day. They are really cushiony and you don’t feel the support as too tight across the ankle area. A very well designed product. My only issue is that they seem to run a size smaller than I would have expected. so follow the men’s sizes if you are going to buy. (Euros Rx Diabetic Crew Socks)
    • AM
  • I have very swollen feet because of diabetes and since I’ve bought these they have been so much better. These compression socks help reduce foot and leg swelling by increasing blood flow. The gradual compression alleviates circulation problems and muscle fatigue, making you feel revitalized and energetic throughout the day. (Jobst Men’s Stylish Dress Socks, Light Compression)
    • Kenneth
  • I tried this combination yesterday and OMG! The (Sugar-Free) Lemon Curd Sauce was to die for! The flavor of fresh lemons just burst into your mouth and was amazing! It felt like a jolt of big flavor, without the acidity of the lemons, just the flavor we love so much about lemons! Truly awesome! The cake was wonderful as well, without the sauce. I am not normally a sauce person, so for me to say that this sauce was amazing, trust me, it was! I think we will now always strongly recommend this combination to everyone who buys this cake!
    • Ann-Marie
  • Thank you for your quick response.  I am now down to 10 almonds per day.  It will also save me money as a tin of almonds is over $5.00 US in Jamaica. The can of Blue Diamond almonds has a small notice on it similar to a warning on cigarettes that states “Scientific evidence suggests, but does not prove, that eating 1.5 ounces per day of nuts, such as almonds, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease.”   So, if one ounce is 24-28 nuts, 1.5 ounces is 36-38 nuts.  I can’t afford that many almonds per day!!!  This is certainly a big difference from the Joslin Center.  Perhaps Blue Diamond is more interested in selling nuts than in my health. 
    • John
  • Thanks a lot. I am very pleased to do business with you.
    • Jose
  • I admire a company that stands behind its product…looking forward to having the Velcro Force shoe again as my husband wore his old pair out being a captain on a fishing boat. They have holes in them and he wears them cutting grass, he has diabetes and it is hard to find him comfortable shoes…
    • Vivian
  • This is so crazy, my boyfriend just called at the same time I got your reply. He says that the (Sugar-Free) cakes just arrived. Thank you so much for your time and effort. I’m sorry for the trouble and I look forward to buying from you again! Have a nice night!!!
    • Judy
  • Thank you for your help…u r the best…. I talked to Paul and he showed me some work arounds but I still feel some software modifications will help the person like me who travels around the world.  I hope you can get me the next version of the software when it is modified. (Care Memory Band)
    • S
  • Your sincere apology is greatly appreciated. I understand mistakes happen. Having said that, the key to building a stronger and more trusted company is to learn from them. Please take my gratitude along with this situation and utilize it to build a great company that I can and will be proud to refer to others in the future.
    • A


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