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Diabetes and Stevia

Stevia for Diabetes – TypeFree Diabetes

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Stevia for Diabetes

Stevia for Diabetes

Stevia for Diabetes

Stevia is a plant with very sweet leaves. The leaves are often used as an alternative sweetener in South and Central America. For decades, tribes in Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay have used the leaves of Stevia for diabetes to sweeten beverages and cure common diseases. Recent study revealed that the extracts found in stevia leaves are 300 times sweeter compared to sugar. Another amazing thing about this plant is the fact that its sweetness does not affect the levels of sugar in the blood; making it as a smart choice for diabetics.

What’s the Taste of Stevia for Diabetes?

If compared to traditional sugar, the ÒsweetÓ flavor of stevia tends to Òkick-inÓ longer. There are some brands that offer “flavored” stevia, which gives it an aftertaste that could either be licorice or minty. The flavor is not, by itself, unpleasant; however, it may give an unusual taste if mixed with foods that have strong flavors. To avoid this, many users prefer to use the “unflavored” form of stevia.

Health Benefits Stevia for Diabetes

One of the major benefits of stevia is its ability to control blood sugar levels. The extracts found in this plant is not only effective in making the foods sweet without affecting its caloric content, but studies show that it can be used as well to enhance the production of insulin, which is beneficial for diabetics. Listed below are some of the extra benefits that you can get if you use stevia for diabetes in regular a basis.

  • No-calorie Substitute to Sugar – For all those people who are watching their caloric intake, Stevia for diabetes is the perfect choice because it is both carb and calorie-free. This product makes it possible for dieters and diabetics to meet sugar desires without ruining their diet plans.
  • Improves Blood Pressure – Many laboratory studies showed that Stevia for diabetes has ingredients, which helps in lowering blood pressure, because it relaxes the walls of the arteries and veins, which prevents it from constricting. This will make it as an excellent sweetener for people suffering from hypertension.
  • Anti-bacterial Properties Ð Stevia for diabetes has demonstrated antibacterial properties if used orally. This is the reason why many companies that produce toothpaste and mouthwashes are including stevia in their main formula. Regular usage can aid in preventing cavities and gingivitis. This plant displayed the same effects if applied topically and has already been used as a topical ointment in treating eczema and acne.
  • Safe for the Teeth – If an individual starts to use sugarless sweeteners in exchange to refined sugars on their diet, they could lower their chance of having tooth decay. Sugar is one of the main reasons why millions of people worldwide are suffering from tooth decay and other mouth problems. Eliminating or reducing the amount of sugar in your diet will definitely lessen your number of visits to your dentist.

These are some of the known benefits of using stevia for diabetes. Nowadays, the number of people who are suffering from diabetes continues to rise worldwide. Taking a firm stand in preventing this condition from developing is one the most challenging yet effective way that people could do to prevent these numbers from rising. Simple efforts like using Stevia for diabetes will surely help you in living a healthier and fruitful life.

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