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July 2018

Is Diabetes Hereditary – Typefree Diabetes

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Is Diabetes Hereditary?Overweight Asian Boy

Diabetes and Asian / Pacific Islander Ancestry

Researchers are continuing to study the link between diabetes and Asians and Pacific Islanders, yet there has not been a great deal of information published about the link between diabetes and Asians and Pacific Islanders. However, studies have found that Native Hawaiians are twice as likely to develop Type 2 Diabetes than Caucasians and that Japanese men are about 60% more likely to develop diabetes than Caucasian men. Furthermore, diabetes is the fifth leading cause of death amongst the Asian and Pacific Islander population.  Read more..

Diabetes and American Indians and Alaska Natives

Diabetes is a disease that afflicts millions of American Indians and Alaska Natives living in the U.S. According to the National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse (NDIC), this particular ethnic group is about 2.2 times more likely to develop Diabetes than Caucasian Americans. Furthermore, it is estimated that more than 15% of American Indians and Alaska Natives have Diabetes and are receiving care from the Indian Health Service (IHS.) Of this a little more than 8% of Alaska Natives and 27% of American Indians have Diabetes.  Read more..

Diabetes Disease and Hispanic/Latino Ancestry

According to the Life Extension Foundation, Hispanic and Latino Americans have a 90% increased risk of developing diabetes compared to Caucasians. It is estimated that between 9.5% of Hispanic or Latin Americans older than 20 have Type 2 diabetes – that’s roughly 2.5 million people! Mexican Americans are 1.7 times more likely to have diabetes than any other Hispanic group. However, Puerto Ricans have the highest death rate from diabetes compared to all Hispanic groups with a rate of about 172 deaths per 100,000 cases of diabetes. Read more..

African Ancestry and Diabetes

Studies indicate that individuals with African ancestry are almost twice as likely to get Type 2 diabetes than Caucasians. However, members of this ethnic group may be able to control their diabetes with good nutrition and exercise better than Caucasians.  Read more..

Diabetes and Ethnicity

Studies indicate that ethnicity and genetics play a large role in the onset of Type 2 diabetes .  
Read more..

Father’s Day Savers Specia – TypeFree Diabetes

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TypeFree Diabetes The Diabetes Lifestyle Super Store
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Grandfather and grandson

Father’s Day is June 17

Dear *|FNAME|*,

We’ve got great offers this Father’s Day, and wanted to be sure you don’t miss out…

What better way to surprise Dad than with a nutritious delight he’ll surely enjoy? Just pick any of our handmade Diabetic-Healthy Gift Baskets —each gift basket is packed with an assortment of healthy goodies such as: soup, smoked salmon, sugar-free desserts and snackers, vegetarian & low calorie selections, and a lot more. So, send one today!

Check out our handmade gift baskets now »

Father’s Day Savings Special:
Save up to 75% off this selection —while supplies last only!

Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Test Strips Attends washcloths Attends Underwear XL

Accu-Chek® Active Blood Glucose Test Strips 50cts

PRICE:  $19.95  NOW $4.99
Attends® Washcloths Pop-up Pak 48’s (Hypo allergenic)

PRICE:  $67.99  NOW $32.99
Attends® Protective Underwear Extra Absorbency – X-Large

PRICE:  $92.95  NOW $59.99

Walking Pedometer Accu-Chek softclix lancing device Attends Briefs Heavy Incontinence

Walking Pedometer with Top-View Step Counter

PRICE:  $9.99  NOW $4.99
Accu-Chek® Softclix Lancing Device Kit

PRICE:  $44.99  NOW $34.97
Attends® Briefs 9 Easy-Fit – X-Large – Heavy Incontinence

PRICE:  $72.00  NOW $55.95

Portion Control LIFEstyle Premium Kit

PRICE:  $99.99  NOW $64.99

Easy dieting with portion control plates

Now, you can do away with the stress of counting and keeping track of your calorie intakes. The LIFEstyle extended portion control kit simplifies dieting down to easy food portioning so you can just enjoy your meals every time —guilt-free!

SAVE 35% OFF the LIFEstyle Extended Portion Control Kit »

But sometimes Father knows best…

Let Dad decide with an eGift Card. Send him one instantly »
TypeFree eGift Cards

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Diabetic Supply Companies | TypeFree Diabetes

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Order Diabetic Supplies

If you want to order diabetic supplies in large volume, and wanted to avail HUGE discounts, then look no more. Here at typefreediabetes® we accept large orders from companies, institutions, private or public sectors that want to order diabetic supplies in large volume, and at the same time are interested in these products at lower prices.

We welcome you to join our growing community of happy and satisfied customers. We take pride in our customer service; we are always there willing to assist you from the time you purchase up-to the delivery of your product. Please take a look below of some of the BENEFITS that you can enjoy by joining our company:

  • Value for your Money – We value our customers, and we know that you give importance to every cent that your spending every time you order diabetic supplies, that’s the reason why we make it sure that our products and “deals” that were offering to your company are cost-effective, and reasonably priced products, which can help your business grow. We are offering huge discounts for those companies that will order diabetic supplies in our website.
  • 100% Free-Membership – Unlike in other companies that would charge you “unexplained” membership fees before you can order diabetic supplies, here in typefreediabetes®, we choose to offer our membership for free. The reason behind this, is our drive to reach-out to as many companies as possible, and to let them experience the quality-service that were offering. So whether you’re a big company or an institution like hospitals or clinics, you’re very much welcome to join our company, without spending a penny!
  • Loyalty Discounts – We have served countless of people worldwide, and majority of them became our loyal customer for several years, until now. To pay tribute to this loyalty, our company decided to offer loyalty discounts for those companies or institutions that continue to order diabetic supplies from us. We offer special deals for “recurring” customers, and offer them a significant discount on their total purchase.
  • Auto-Delivery – This feature was made possible due to the request of our highly satisfied customers, which wanted to “automate” the delivery of their “consumable” products. Many institutions or businesses that wanted to order diabetic supplies have enrolled in this feature because it doesn’t only offer convenience on their part, but they are entitled as well of the additional discount once enrolled in this system. All the products that you see on our website can be enrolled for automatic delivery, especially those products that are considered consumables, like: incontinence products, lancets, syringes, diabetic socks, diabetic foods, and diabetic food supplements. To avail this feature, all you need is to sign-up in our auto-delivery system, and your order diabetic supplies will be sent to your address every month; and if ever you wish to stop the auto-delivery, you may cancel the subscription at any time on your convenience.
  • Quality Service – Since the first day that we have established our business online, we are proud to say that each of the transaction, which we have dealt had been handled with heart and professionalism. Until today, the attitude of serving our clients with heart and sincerity are still observed. Therefore, you can count on us that every transaction that you make in our company, or every time you order diabetic supplies from us will be treated with care and compassion.

Allow us to prove our self as one of the most outstanding diabetic companies that offers quality yet affordable products in the web today. So what are you waiting for? This is your chance to be part of the growing company that is committed to quality and excellence. So go ahead and sign-up today, and start enjoying huge benefits every time you order diabetic supplies from us!

Return to request a free quote Here

Affordable Diabetic Supplies | TypeFree Diabetes

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Affordable Diabetic Supplies

Here at Typefreediabetes™ we offer the most complete range of affordable diabetic supplies to manage a holistic diabetes lifestyle available anywhere on the internet. If you are a company, an institution, or a business establishment that wanted to resell or “stock” affordable diabetic supplies, we could be partners.

What Can We Offer?

Allow me to share to you a few of the advantages that you can receive at the time you become one of our satisfied business partners.

Greater Product Selections – We provide our clients an array of merchandise such as, test-strips, glucose-monitor kits, diabetic lancets, diabetic socks, medications and health supplements for diabetic patients, insulin pumps, skin-care products, wound-care supplies, and diabetic food items which include: sugarless candies, diabetic beverages, sugar replacements and other affordable diabetic supplies all in wholesale deals.

Auto-shipment – Our auto-shipping feature is intended for our clients who desired to “automate” the shipment and delivery of their affordable diabetic supplies, such as: lancets, test strips, incontinence items, health supplements and multivitamins, along with several products that you may want to automate. By enabling this feature, our company is generously offering 10% off on the overall cost of each recurring purchase.

Quality and Affordability – By choosing our company as your business partner, you’ll enjoy a wide range of affordable diabetic supplies that are provided by outstanding brand names like Omron, Panasonic, Bronson, Remington, sunbeam, Oster, SensiFoot, Homedics, Glucerna, and other outstanding brands that have surpassed the strict quality standards of the United States. Select from an array of affordable diabetic supplies, which includes but not limited to, health supplements, syringes, sugarless desserts, nutritious drinks and various affordable diabetic supplies which you’ll only discover here in Typefreediabetes™.

Customer-centered – In every business deal, we see to it that we only offer the best, and the highest form of service in each of our customer’s transaction. You will be thrilled with our “speedy” shipment feature, as well as with our exceptional customer support, which is always there to guide you with the delivery of your affordable diabetic supplies. All the purchases made from our company will be delivered directly on your doorstep, on-time. All the time!

Added Value – Whenever the overall cost of your single order reached the total amount of $300, you can be qualified to our “free-shipping” feature. This will deliver your product at any place in the USA! Your company’s package of affordable diabetic supplies will be shipped straight to your location without having to pay a single penny for shipment fees!

Simple and Efficient – NO paperwork needed, and ABSOLUTELY NO extra fees to join our growing community. For all members who would like to use cash in purchasing affordable diabetic supplies, we offer safe and easy transactions 24-hours a day, all you need to do is to chat in one of our agents, or you also contact us through phone between Monday – Friday, and were open from   9 : 00 a . m to 6 : 00 p . m . EST.

Excellent After-sales Support – You may access our wide and affordable diabetic supplies, which can be found in our site’s database. We provide our customers several ways to keep in touch with us like: mail assistance, live calls, or chat support. From Typefreediabetes™, you’ll only expect one thing – Excellence.

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Diabetic Supply Companies | TypeFree Diabetes

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Diabetic Supply Companies

Typefreediabetes™ is one of the diabetic supply companies that offer competitive and quality diabetic supplies. However, compared to other companies, we at Typefreediabetes™, don’t only focus on the product’s affordability, but we make sure that our products are not only budget-friendly, but they also possess the quality and the value that every client wants to have in every product that they purchase. In this article, allow us to demonstrate the “edge” of Typefreediabetes™ compared to other diabetic supply companies, which offer the same service or product.

What Makes Us different?

  • High Quality Products – We provide budget-friendly products, which are high in quality. In comparison to other diabetic supply companies, which provide you with affordable but “second-rate” products; here at Typefreediabetes™, we are delighted to provide our customers with only the finest, as well as the most preferred brands that most people utilize worldwide. A few of the highly trusted brands that we provide are: Panasonic®, Homedics®, Freestyle®, Poise®, Glucerna®, Depend®, Sunbeam®, Preciseportions®, and Bayer®.
  • On-time Delivery – Due to the nature of our work, we always ensure that every product which our clients have purchased from us is transported in a timely manner. As opposed to other diabetic supply companies, which simply supply you with unrealistic promises, here at Typefreediabetes™ you are assured that you will certainly receive the products that you have bought from us promptly.
  • Outstanding Service – One particular aspect which makes us distinctive from other diabetic supply companies is our commitment to provide our clients with the best business experience while doing business with our company. After many years of existence, our company has served numerous customers worldwide, and has been given excellent feedback overall. Despite the fact that it’s unavoidable that there might be some occasions that business transactions may not flow as perfectly as expected, due to factors beyond our control (such as undesirable weather conditions for shipping products in a timely manner) our company ensures that we will take the necessary measures needed to solve any problem of this kind. This kind of effort becomes one of the trademarks of Typefreediabetes™ and makes us stand-out when compared to other diabetic supply companies.
  • Extra Perks – One thing that makes us different from other diabetic supply companies, is the lucrative perks and bonuses that we offer for our customers to enjoy. For example, if you decided to leverage our “Auto-shipment” feature, which grants you the option to “automate” your order for consumable items, our company is willing to slash 10% off of your total purchase price to reduce the overall cost.
  • Safe, Reliable, Trustworthy – Another edge of TypefreediabetesTM if compared to numerous diabetic supply companies that have proliferated the market, is the fact that our company has spent considerable amount of time and money to ensure that all business transactions that are made in our site will be confidential, professional and secured. So whether you’re a major company that wants to do business with us, we at Typefreediabetes™ guarantee that every transaction that you do to our company are secured, safe, and reliable.

What we have presented here in this article are only some of the “features” that differentiate our company from other diabetic supply companies so go ahead and try some of the products that we are offering on our site. Give us a chance to prove to you that TypefreediabetesTM indeed surpasses all the other diabetic supply companies when it comes to customer-support, dedication, and value for your money.

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WholeSale Diabetic Supplies | TypeFree Diabetes

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wholesale orders

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return false;
return true;

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First Name*
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Diabetic Suppliers

If you’re tired of looking for different diabetic suppliers who don’t meet your expectations, then look no more. We at Typefreediabetes™ offer wide varieties of diabetic products for different institutions like hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. We also offer our service to those business establishments that wanted to “buy and sell” consumable diabetic products, for resell. We at Typefreediabetes™ are offering huge discounts for those establishments and institutions that we have mentioned above. Our company deliberately provides huge savings for those who order diabetic products in large quantities. If you’re asking what would be our edge compared to other diabetic suppliers, please take a look below:

  • We Deliver – We know that there are a lot of diabetic suppliers who “promise” to offer diabetic products at a much lower price; however, many of these companies don’t deliver what they have promised on their sales page area. Here at Typefreediabetes™ you are very much assured that what you see on our site is what will be delivered right to your door. No excuses.
  • We Only Provide Quality Products – We offer affordable products that you can rely on. Compared to other diabetic suppliers, which offers you cheap but low quality products, here in our company, we take pride to offer you only the best, and the most selected brands that millions of people are using worldwide. Some of the top brands that we deliver are: Bayer®, Homedics®, Freestyle®, Poise®, Depend®, Sunbeam®, Glucerna®, Preciseportions®, and Panasonic®.
  • On-time Delivery – Because of the nature of our business, we make sure that any product which you have ordered from us will be delivered on time. Compared to other diabetic suppliers who only provide you with false reassurances, at TypefreediabetesTM you can count on us that we will deliver your product on time, because in our company, it is our client who really matters.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed – One factor that makes us different from other diabetic suppliers is the satisfaction of service that we offer in our customers in every transaction. For several years of existence, we have served many customers both local, and worldwide, and have received a lot of good feedback from our loyal customers. Although it’s inevitable that there will be a few times that transactions might not flow flawlessly due to some factors, which are beyond our control (like bad weather conditions when delivering the products) we ensure that we take “instant” actions, which are necessary to remedy the situation. This is one of the trademarks of our company that makes our customers loyal to us up-to now, which you cannot find in other diabetic suppliers.
  • Loyalty-rewards – One of the reasons why we have retained the trust and loyalty of our customers, is because our company offers “loyalty” rewards for those recurring customers who enjoys our service. If you sign-up in our automatic delivery system, you will avail a total of 10% discount every time each time you make a delivery order. Now compared that to other diabetic suppliers.
  • Secured Online Transaction – Unlike to some diabetic suppliers who have proliferated the internet, we have invested a lot of time and money in order to make all transactions in our site private and secured. So even if you’re a large company that would like to access our services, we assure you that all the transactions are safe and risk-free, and guaranteed to run smoothly.

Products that We Offer

Many of our products that are available for wholesale price, are “consumable” items that can be enrolled in our auto-shipment feature. This feature is exclusively offered for your convenience, and will save you from stressing yourself in repeating the same process every time you wish to purchase our products. Below are some of the products that are offered in our company, just click the link below, and you will be redirected into the diabetic suppliers area. Thank you.

Incontinence products Diabetic Portion Control Plates Diabetic Supplements Sugar Free Desserts
Test Strips Personal Care Products Eye Health Supplements Contour Pillows
Diabetic Socks Wound Care Products Medical I.D Bracelets/Pendants Weight Control Supplements

See how we compare to other Diabetic Supply Companies

We offer Affordable Diabetic Supplieslearn more

How to Order Diabetic Supplies – learn more

Type Free Diabetes | What Does it Mean To Be Type Free?

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Diabetes is certainly not always easy to manage. In order to take proper care of yourself, you have to eat right, monitor your blood sugar, and keep a close eye on your health at all times. Many people feel confined by their restrictions and labeled by medical professionals.

At Type Free, we provide you with the information, tools, and products to break down those restrictions and live Type “Free”.

Type 1 Diabetes

Results from the body’s failure to produce insulin, and presently requires the person to inject insulin. (Also referred to as insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, IDDM for short, and juvenile diabetes.)

Type 2 Diabetes

Results from insulin resistance, a condition in which cells fail to use insulin properly, sometimes combined with an absolute insulin deficiency. Type 2 diabetes is the most common type. In the early stage of type 2 diabetes, the predominant abnormality is reduced insulin sensitivity.

Type FREE Diabetes

Results from a focused and determined outlook on life. Becoming thoroughly informed and empowered with the tools and determination to live life to the fullest. This type of diabetes is the most positive and uplifting as it characterized by a unwavering decision to not let diabetes define a person or limit what they may achieve.

It’s time to break free of the constraints diabetes often can put on your life and become Type Free! Our products save you time, money, and provide you with the tools necessary to limit the annoyances of Diabetic restrictions as you go about your day-to-day life. From our easy online supply ordering to portion control dishes and personal care items, we can help make managing your diabetes easier.

Start Living TYPE FREE Now!

Testimonials for TypeFreeDiabetes.com and Diabetes Product Reviews – TypeFree Diabetes

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Testimonials for TypeFreeDiabetes.com & Diabetes Product Reviews

The following testimonials were unsolicited:

  • I have ordered from you in the past and was totally satisfied with my purchase. That’s why I was a little surprised when this order arrived and was nothing like the photo that I
    ordered from. Since I could tell it didn’t come from your address, and was a private
    individual, I decided it was them and not you that made the mistake.

    I have no problems with your company. Thank you for the refund, I appreciate your attention to this problem.

    • D
  • Received notice today that my order has shipped, but I had already received my order on 2/17! That is GREAT SERVICE and I am VERY HAPPY with my (Portion Control) plate and place mat which I started using right away.
  • I have been type II for almost 30 years and on an insulin pump for over 5 years. As a diabetic, I know what I should eat but as the saying goes, ‘out of sight, out of mind’. This(Portion Control) plate will help keep me in focus.   
    • Thank you!  Juanita
  • I am enjoying my Omron Heart Rate Monitor.  Thanks for the fast shipment. You did not have to do that. But I appreciate your service.
    • D
  • I tried these socks and my feet felt super protected that whole day. They are really cushiony and you don’t feel the support as too tight across the ankle area. A very well designed product. My only issue is that they seem to run a size smaller than I would have expected. so follow the men’s sizes if you are going to buy. (Euros Rx Diabetic Crew Socks)
    • AM
  • I have very swollen feet because of diabetes and since I’ve bought these they have been so much better. These compression socks help reduce foot and leg swelling by increasing blood flow. The gradual compression alleviates circulation problems and muscle fatigue, making you feel revitalized and energetic throughout the day. (Jobst Men’s Stylish Dress Socks, Light Compression)
    • Kenneth
  • I tried this combination yesterday and OMG! The (Sugar-Free) Lemon Curd Sauce was to die for! The flavor of fresh lemons just burst into your mouth and was amazing! It felt like a jolt of big flavor, without the acidity of the lemons, just the flavor we love so much about lemons! Truly awesome! The cake was wonderful as well, without the sauce. I am not normally a sauce person, so for me to say that this sauce was amazing, trust me, it was! I think we will now always strongly recommend this combination to everyone who buys this cake!
    • Ann-Marie
  • Thank you for your quick response.  I am now down to 10 almonds per day.  It will also save me money as a tin of almonds is over $5.00 US in Jamaica. The can of Blue Diamond almonds has a small notice on it similar to a warning on cigarettes that states “Scientific evidence suggests, but does not prove, that eating 1.5 ounces per day of nuts, such as almonds, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease.”   So, if one ounce is 24-28 nuts, 1.5 ounces is 36-38 nuts.  I can’t afford that many almonds per day!!!  This is certainly a big difference from the Joslin Center.  Perhaps Blue Diamond is more interested in selling nuts than in my health. 
    • John
  • Thanks a lot. I am very pleased to do business with you.
    • Jose
  • I admire a company that stands behind its product…looking forward to having the Velcro Force shoe again as my husband wore his old pair out being a captain on a fishing boat. They have holes in them and he wears them cutting grass, he has diabetes and it is hard to find him comfortable shoes…
    • Vivian
  • This is so crazy, my boyfriend just called at the same time I got your reply. He says that the (Sugar-Free) cakes just arrived. Thank you so much for your time and effort. I’m sorry for the trouble and I look forward to buying from you again! Have a nice night!!!
    • Judy
  • Thank you for your help…u r the best…. I talked to Paul and he showed me some work arounds but I still feel some software modifications will help the person like me who travels around the world.  I hope you can get me the next version of the software when it is modified. (Care Memory Band)
    • S
  • Your sincere apology is greatly appreciated. I understand mistakes happen. Having said that, the key to building a stronger and more trusted company is to learn from them. Please take my gratitude along with this situation and utilize it to build a great company that I can and will be proud to refer to others in the future.
    • A

Diabetes Health Tips & More – TypeFree Diabetes

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TypeFreeDiabetes Newsletter


Declare War on Obesity!
With Springtime and Summer upon us, it’s time to declare war on obesity! In war only the strong survive. We can help.

So, here is a 5-step meal plan that will make it so easy to win the war on obesity! Keep reading to learn our little “arsenal” to use in your war strategy:

Eat Less Exercise More to Improve Calorie Balance
To promote a healthy calorie balance, eating less and exercising more would seem like common knowledge. But does this always apply to those with Type 2 diabetes?
A healthy balance should be calories eaten equals calories burnt. This is one sure way to prevent body fat weight gain.
NEW! Delivered Prepared Meal Service
Did you know that there is a simple easy way to ensure that your blood sugar levels and body fat is under control? Drum roll please! Our Delivered Prepared Meals Service offers you personalized, balanced, and most of all diabetes-friendly meals delivered to your door Fresh – Never Frozen!
If you don’t have the time or skill to cook, our portion controlled meals prepared by our chefs will make mealtimes quick delicious and healthy. Check out our amazing diabetes-friendly meals to choose from, and select from the following menus: Busy Singles, Couples on The Go and Family Favorites.

   Picture this: You order and rest, and we deliver the best.

This month, we’re excited to offer the free recipe called Springtime Chicken Stew for you to cook and enjoy! Be creative, try your choice of spices to personalize the stew!
Free Recipe: Springtime Chicken Stew!
Get a FREE EasyMax blood test meter when you buy a box of 200 test strips. It’s like a birthday gift in May. Know your blood sugar level when you are feeling badly and well.
Free Meter with 200 Strips Purchase

Step out in style with comfortable, and customizable diabetes shoes for men and women. These shoes are designed extra space in the toe area, and removable insoles for more comfort and orthotics. They are so good you need 2.
$25 Off 2 Pairs of Diabetes Shoes
Coupon Code: SpringComfort
It’s grilling time again and it all good! The grilling process is healthier than baking or broiling because it drips off saturated fat. Cut the sodium, marinate the meat with herbs and spices to create a healthy high protein low carb meal.
10% Off All Grills & Accessories
Coupon Code: GrillingTime

Lunch Bags Never Looked So Good!! Now, add some style to your plans to stick to your diabetes healthy eating guidelines.
Come on! Pack your own healthy lunch in a very
attractive lunch tote. Make a health-focused fashion statement.
10% Off All Lunch Totes & Market Totes
Coupon Code: PakALunch
Who said building a high protein low carb salad had to be boring or difficult? All you need are the right gadgets to chop, grind, and grill your way prepping and grilling excitement! Remember high protein low carb meals reduces diabetic’s blood sugar levels.
$5 Dollars Off All Gadgets to Chop, Grind, and Grill!
Coupon Code: SaladFixins
Visit us at: www.TypeFreeDiabetes.com I Email us at: cserv@TypeFreeDiabetes.com

Salmon Grilled – A Healthier Choice than Grilled Beef or Pork

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Diabetes facts

Salmon Grilled – A Healthier Choice than Grilled Beef or Pork

Whenever we think of a barbecue party, most of us would automatically settle for grilled beef, grilled pork, hot dogs, and sausages. Some on occasion, might try chicken. But how many of us have considered fish and more specifically Salmon grilled?

Like me, if you love to eat fish, then Salmon grilled is pure ecstasy. The fact that nutritionists have declared salmon to be the healthiest fish to eat only adds to the treat. In any case, it is one of the tastiest fish available in the market today. “Eat healthy to live healthy” is written in bold in my family doctor’s consulting room and I always follow my doctor’s advice – especially when I love the options.

Today, people with diabetes want to improve their health and one of the best ways to do this is to eat healthy food. Adding fish to your diet, particularly Salmon grilled, is great way to start. Now for all people who instantly want to know “the numbers”, you’d be delighted to know that Salmon grilled contains proteins and essential amino acids that our body does not produce on its own. It is a good source of omega 3 fatty acids that help reduce cholesterol levels in the body. Salmon grilled is also an excellent source of Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, calcium, niacin, selenium and magnesium.

Salmon grilled has all those great goodies in it; is especially good for your ticker and is very tasty, but then so is beef and pork. So let us take a closer look at the “package” and see if we have a clear winner:

Salmon grilled

Beef grilled

Pork grilled

0% Saturated
Fat content

omega-3 fats: Prevents blood
clots, inflammation, combats cancers, arthritis and heart problems


Vitamins D: Is a steroid
vitamin, which encourages absorption and metabolism of calcium and



niacin, selenium, B6 and magnesium


Protein: Very essential
to all body functions


to Very low levels of contaminants.

20% Saturated Fat content

Zinc: Helps maintain
the body 's immune system


Iron: Helps carry
oxygen within the blood cells


Protein: Very essential
to all body functions


B-Vitamins: Required to “unleash”
the energy in food, good source of riboflavin and thiamin.


to an audit by the Office of Inspector General, beef containing harmful
pesticides, antibiotics, and heavy metals is being sold to the public because
two major federal agencies have not set limits for the contaminants or can
adequately test for their presence.

10% Saturated Fat content


B-Vitamins: B1 (metabolism
of carbohydrates),

(release of energy from food and tissue repair), Niacin (healthy skin,
release of energy from carbohydrates), B6 (Central nervous system), Pantothenate
(synthesize hemoglobin), Phosphorus (strengthens bones and teeth), Magnesium
(formation of strong bones and teeth), Iron (energy production), Zinc (resistance
to infections),  Protein (build and
repair tissues)


According to an audit by the Office of
Inspector General, Beef and Pork contain harmful contaminants and lack
adequate testing.

From the above, it appears that all three are equally good. Each is rich in various essential nutrients. However, beef and pork also contain saturated fats – that contain LDL cholesterol, although in relatively smaller quantities when trimmed. Nevertheless, saturated fat’s presence tips the scales in favor of Salmon grilled. The major sticking point however, is the presence of large amounts of contaminants that enter the food chain primarily through ground water and pesticides in the grass. It appears there is no law that makes it mandatory for testing of Beef or Pork for the presence of contaminants. In contrast, Salmon contains unsaturated fats in the form of omega 3 and omega 6 fats which are very beneficial for the heart. Also, testing has indicated Solomon had zero to very low levels of contaminants. The clear winner therefore, is Salmon grilled.

A Chef at a posh restaurant once told me that the Salmon is such a versatile fish that it can easily be cooked in a variety of ways. But Salmon grilled is by far the best and healthiest way to prepare it because it retains most of the nutrients. In case you didn’t know it, grilling is a healthier cooking method even for other meats because it burns off a lot of fat that is present in some cuts of pork and beef. It is possible to burn off the unwanted fat when meats are grilled, which is impossible with other forms of cooking.

Before you decide to grill Salmon, here are a few secrets you might want to know – the side with the skin must be left for a longer period on the grill than the fleshy side to allow more fat to drip out from the fish. Ideally, the fleshy side should be put first on a highly heated grill to let the grill marks form and then turned over to the skin-side. The fish can be moved away from the intense heat after a minute and allowed to cook over medium heat so that the fat slowly drips away.

Marinate For More Flavor
Marinating the fillets for a few hours enhances the taste of the fish by letting the meat absorb the flavors and making it more tender. You could use a variety of ingredients for marinating salmon. A mixture of honey, soy sauce, garlic powder and beer is one such example. Coat the salmon fillets with the mixture and keep it covered in the refrigerator for two hours. 1 to 1 ½ inch thick fillets require about seven minutes on the grill while 2-inch thick fillets would need about 10 minutes to grill.

Grill Salmon Mexican Style
A lot of people favor Mexican food, although it may not always be a healthy option. However, there are a few grill Mexican fish recipes that are quite healthy. One of them is the Salmon Soft Tacos. The soft tacos are prepared with Salmon grilled rather than the fish being fried in oil. Yet another Grill Mexican recipe is the grilled Red Snapper, which allows you to enjoy the grilled fish marinated in a mixture of achiote paste, lime juice, orange juice and lemon juice. You could try placing the marinated fish on a banana leaf and then grilling it to give it the traditional Mexican touch.  

Great for Losing Body Fat Weight
There are many benefits to including Salmon grilled once or twice a week in your diet. The proteins, vitamins and abundant omega 3 fatty acids in salmon lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Salmon grilled helps in regulating high blood pressure and improves the body’s response to insulin. It also helps in preventing some types of cancers and deep vein thrombosis while providing protection from pulmonary embolism. People trying to lose weight should eat Salmon grilled regularly because it is high in protein and low in fats, facilitating sugar absorption in the body. The omega 3 fatty acids in salmon also help in preventing age related cognitive problems like Alzheimer’s disease.

So next time you head for the supermarket for your weekend barbecue, you might consider Salmon grilled instead of Beef or Pork.

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